Saturday, September 10, 2005


A game of squash is fun - real fun indeed. The recreation center in the university sports great facilities in badminton, basketball, lawn tennis, gymnasium, racquet ball and squash. So, why not Squash today? Experimenting, learning and picking up new things is great fun. Back from a good treadmill session, I happened to meet my friend who was back from an endearing session of squash. I pulled him for another session...obviously I wanted to try out this fascinating game. He came after a lot of reluctance. 25 minutes of back-breaking ball hitting. I was trying my level best not to go for the backhand chops, a habit procured from table tennis. Hitting across the walls, and trying to outwit the opposition is challenging stuff. At the end of a pretty tiring game, we decided we would end the day at the recreation center. And then, casually, we tried to open the door. Oops! The door seems to be locked! Both of us tried rotating the knob in both ways, and it seemed to have stuck. There is no point in shouting or banging the door. It is a sound proof room. Com'on you are playing Squash! An half an hour's wait. We were exploring the combinations of breaking out. Suddenly, through the small glass frame, I could see someone whisking past the pathway (about 2 meters in width). We frantically banged the door. It was our lucky day under these circumstances. The in-charge was there on time. She told us to stay cool! Even she tried her level best to free us out, and then it was decided that there was something wrong in the lock. She called in the physical instructor and after about 10-15 minutes, we had the door flung open. But once we realised what the problem was, we could manage another 8 point game!

If you ever think that you are not claustrophobic, get into a squash court with a damaged lock. You may experience something totally different!!

I better get used to this, I want to play another game of squash tomorrow. I better check the lock before I get in!!


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  2. hey dude, reminds me of our badminton/TT days in MSC. Cool u got out to write this piece :))

    btw enable word verification for comments on ur blog. it prevents BS such as in the comment before.