Friday, October 21, 2005

Premarital sex and Hinduism

It is not everyday that a talk on pre-marital sex can lead to Hinduism and religion. It was just one of those days, where everyone spoke and about a lot of things! How (im)moral is it to have pre-marital sex! It is always good to elicit different views on this rather subdued subject. Obviously, in India it is still a taboo to talk about sex and related issues. No wonder, we get to study the related topics only in the tenth grade and that too not in all the mediums. Imagine a student taking up electronics or computer science in his eleventh and twelfth grade. He would have no formal way to learn about sex. And this is what the majority of the country is into at this time - no person has no definite say in this subject!

So how right is it to have pre-marital sex? Or rather should we be saying Can we talk about pre-marital sex? But being mature enough individuals, it is always good to vent your opinion for/against this topic. What has been subdued for so long should atleast have a common platform to discuss this topic. And so were we, tussling out the nuances of the morality of the issue. There were two set of arguments - Pre-marital sex is nothing wrong if one has a long standing partner and if the person does not intend to cheat his partner in the end. Another one was, Pre-marital sex is immoral be it a single partner or multiple partners. At this point, I could remember a beautiful quote that I had read sometime back Pre-marital sex is like getting a Christmas gift well before Christmas! Considering the kind of society that we live in and the kind of culture that we are brought up in, I would definitely say that pre-marital sex is not a concept that is taken favourably in India. It is altogether different that today's youth have broken the myth of a conservative society and a confined culture extending the limits to beyond the obvious. So there were these two groups, one of which said that Pre-marital sex is good as long as both of them are able to realise their maturity in a relationship and there was this other group: Pre-marital sex is a strict NO NO. According to me, an activity that could result in repentence years after youth should be thought of very well. How far one can go in a relationship should be left to the individuals and it is their maturity and composure that can decide what is good for them for the future!

Now, pre-marital sex and Hinduism? What's the relation? Again there was divided opinion - One of them said that the early Vedas supported polygamy while the other guy said that it was the contrary. Now, one gets to interpret Hinduism in a million ways and everybody seems to have a clear idea of only what he perceives of Hinduism. We have seen the various sects and subsects of Hinduism preach what they think is right and stick to a stand that gets embedded with that set of people. But then, who are we to decide what is wrong or right? How much of Hinduism do we actually know? It is a vast ocean where figuring out a droplet is not at all going to be easy.

At the end of the day, we safely concluded the discussion with Pre-marital sex is not at all a debatable topic.


  1. But i still say, Pre Marital Sex a absolute No No

  2. You played it safe buddy ! ( pun intended ) ;-)

  3. Still can't see why both are related.

  4. same here.. i don't see any relation between the 2..