Sunday, December 18, 2005

Back to blogs!

After a rather hectic fortnight of exams and projects, it is time to spend the holidays with books, movies and blogs. Not that I was missing out on the movies. I have watched quite a lot of them since the purchase of the Pioneer home theater system. Its been quite a list of movies.

The Apocalypse now
Basic Instinct
Ram Balaram
Teesri Manzil
City of God
The Bourne Identity
Hyderabad Blues
The Legend of Bhagat Singh

and with many more to come...

All in all, a good fortnight that I am looking forward to!!!


  1. Hi Praveen,

    I guess you are finally catching up with me. By the way do you still think that Sharon Stone was not the killer in Basic Instict? We can argue about it if you still think so. Hope you understood the movie Momento. You still have to see Usual Suspects and Equilibrium.

    I think by now your opposition to home theater is dead.

    Welcome to the real world.


  2. Praveen,
    A persons who thinks Academy & Oscar are two diferent Awards has no right to watch & talk about Hollywood Movies . I suggest you to Forget all those English movies that you have on your wishlist for this holidays and watch how many ever Tamil & Hindi movies you want and sail in see of euphoria.