Tuesday, February 14, 2006


After a lot of thought, I decided to toe the line. Yes! finally picked a mobile from Motorola (V360 to be precise). It is always fun to get something new and when it is an electronic item, it is all the more fun. I was meddling with the features all afternoon that the realization of wasting time dawned in a little late actually! But you should have a look at my new phone. Just check out the link

This phone has an mp3 player with an add-on memory slot. I have just got a 64MB TransFlash Micro SD card which I was pretty excited about. If a media player with 64MB sounds interesting, imagine the latest release from SONY with its new model W950 on Feb 13.

This phone has an FM radio and of course a walkman phone with a memory capacity of 4GB!!!!

Technology truly path-breaking!!!


  1. hmmm...so thts wat comes after you give me a big lecture about why you dont want a cell phone...very smart......anyways nice to see einstein with a phone.....atleast now i ca trouble you anytime i want..heheheheh

  2. Nice phone kaNo.. I HATE those flip phones with that short dumb antennas... This one looks cool...