Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rekindling the good old times!

Finally, we decided to meet up at Washington DC after quite a lot of convincing on Prasad and MAK's part to get me here from Rolla. As usual I was confused and indecisive in coming to a conclusion - whether to go or not! So, at 1:30 in the morning of Monday, I booked the tickets on Southwest Airlines and headed to the St. Louis airport on Monday exactly twelve hours later. People may think that it was a quick decision, but things are not exactly like what they seem. It is easy to travel anywhere within the world, but to get a ride from Rolla to STL is one of the most complicated things in the world. All travel plans are structured based on the availability of ride between these two places.

As I got out of the DC airport, I waited for these two great guys to pick me up. One of them was the usual "giving out opinion" type talking about anything and everything with ease. The other was the chess master discussing hazardous moves and with a totally vanishing hairline (Of course it was not as bad as what that wise guy M told me). As we sat discussing about the good old days of yore, we came to a conclusion - come what may, nobody in the world can change our opinions, atleast ask Prasad. We just had to discuss some issues, and he would be reeling out adjectives - That $&&$^%*$*$ (please don't even try to figure out what in the world this stands for) did not know a damn thing! He is one %$^$^$&#. We know what he is worth!!! Obviously, the members of the G gang knew exactly what to expect from this superfluous guy. He hasn't changed a bit for the better or worse. MAK is one guy in the world who can make all sort of statements talking like an idealist. He would agree for almost everything that is ideal, but ask him to get to the practical aspect, he would have no answer. I was almost fooled into thinking that he had a Russian girlfriend, and then knowing MAK's penchant for chess, it was not a big deal for him to come out with a Russian name.

How can I forget the whiz tour of the city. The monuments tour was a great hit with Prasad. He sat in the bus cursing the entire trip. I had the pleasure of listening to Prasad more than the guide. His outrageous comments evoked laughter and more laughter from me. Every memmorial would be followed by thousands of comments. But, anyway that tour didn't mean much to us, as we already had a good idea of all these places before taking the tour itself.

The G gang got together minus some members on a telephonic chat. It was a one hour talk with Anand M, Kanna, myself, Prasad and MAK. It was great to get the conference going with each of us pulling the other's leg on a wide array of subjects. The conversation meandered endlessly for a long time before the card ran out of time.

The three of us were discussing about the lecturers in college and we were counting the lecturers who had kicked us out of the class. Not surprisingly, we had been kicked out of every lecturer in every semester. The best part is there was this particular lecturer who had taken our class three times during our stay, and every member of the gang has been driven out in her class. No prize for guessing her name guys!!!

Marriage talks cannot get any interesting without Prasad's comments. He has his own way of coming up with weird quotes and ideas. As usual, MAK was talking as if he was ready to get married the next moment if he found the right girl. We were wondering, what will happen to MAK-D? She was obviously the major topic of discussion. By the way, we fixed Prasad's partner thanks to his acceptance. No discussion can get complete without talking about the dynamic duo of our class - AT Rajesh and Ramesh Kumar Yadav. These guys have made our stay at PESIT totally memorable with some out of the world comedy situations. His "game of death" is a legend with the gang members and Kaun Banega Crorepathi just got bigger thanks to Amitabh Bachchan's voice being rendered by AT. AT's antics can not be compiled even in multiple volumes. AT's masterpiece "Everything is OK but What is the yellow?" is an alltime favourite quote coined in the ITC class! Again, no prizes for guessing who was taking that class.

I will be getting back to Rolla with absolutely no intention of eating a complete Indian meal at St. Louis. I have had Indian lunch and dinner in almost every restaurant here. I am at a stage where I just cannot handle any more Indian food for some time in the hotels. If somebody asks me what I saw in DC, I can tell you about every Indian restaurant and Prasad's guided tour of the city. Truly a wonderful experience with talks dating back to the good old times.


  1. On 31st night, me and Kanna had chat at Gullu's. Two losers :)
    What did you do? Looks like you had a great time with those guys, I was really envying you assholes.