Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some cents(sense) for an instinct!!!

Today would have been just another usual day for us - get up early in the morning (I meant 8:30 am; my definition of early means till noon), quick ablutions, get running to the office, be back by evening, play some tennis weather permitting, else self made food and retire. It sometimes can get on to your nerves. Life follows such a predictable trajectory that I can define my weekdays for the next ten weeks easily. The pattern has injected such an expected response, that any deviation, even if slightly from normal, soothes us to no end. Oh! That was something different for the day!

Late in the evening, after dinner, I had this incredible urge to try out a sundae at one of the ice cream parlors in Reading. I am basically an ice cream freak and love to try it out at various places. We had tried to go to this place on one of the weekends and found it closed. It was more of a loose statement directed at Sameer, my roommate, "Come on, why not go to Reading, let's try out the ice cream there!" I was expecting a not so enthusiastic response from him. "Come on GK, it is already too late. Forget it!" But to my surprise, he too was pretty eager to get ourselves moving to the place. So, we decided to call the third member of the trio, Chetan to accompany us. It was in fact, Chetan, who had suggested us this place sometime back. So, off we went at about 8:30 PM taking the nearest exit to get to the ice cream parlor. As we entered the complex, we(Sameer and I; Chetan has been here earlier) were totally impressed with the setting. The ice cream parlor is housed in a big complex, and there was this musical fountain playing out to different tunes in different colors. It was a totally impressive setting. I took my sundae while the other two helped themselves with smoothies, and stood near the fountain, chatting away to glory. It was a perfect place to spend a romantic evening with your better half, but here we were three of us, with no other alternative! At the fountain base, we could see a lot of coins of different denominations. Suddenly, out of the blue, Chetan lets out a statement "GK, if you throw some money into the water, you will get the perfect girl." My initial reaction was an instant dismissal; all of us let out a sigh but then somewhere in the corner of my mind, I had a second thought. Once I had the second thought, I was sure I was not taking any chances. There you go, I am throwing a cent(well, that was the coin that my fingers could find in the wallet) in the water. The other two were obviously dumbstruck for a second, and then the three of us had a good laugh. But, then I was quick to tell the other two. "Guys, if you want the perfect girl, you better throw a cent(not any other coin) in the water." Both of them gave out a broad grin, pulled out their wallets, and found the solitary cent to throw it into the water. At the end of the exercise, all the three of us burst into a hearty laugh. "Wow, we are not taking any chances with this!!"

We just realized that come what may, there are certain things in life for which you tend to be superstitious. The cents in the water may not mean a thing, but with some strings attached, it takes a different meaning altogether. As humans, we tend to follow our heart very well knowing that it does not mean a thing. Well, well, well, wait a minute? Does it really mean something?


  1. hahah! nice post man. If that thing doesn't work, I want my money back. Wait...wasn't it Sameer's money that I tossed into the water :)

  2. GK...very well written...cudnt have said it better. :D

  3. arre put 1 cent on my behalf too man...

  4. Chetan: That's where faith comes into picture :-)

    Sameer: Thank you sir!!!

    Abhishek: It is not your engineering college dawg; proxy does not work, rather it is harmful :-)

  5. Good that all of you had the sense to just throw 1 cent now in the water. Assuming, you do find the "perfect girl", you sure need a lot of money then GK. Better to save money from now and start off with throwing 1 cent each day.....till you find "Ms Perfect"

  6. Well written post. I am all smiles here. :-)

    We tend to follow instincts of our heart many times even though we know that means nothing in the end.

    Do tell us when you get the girl. :P
    And then you can start advertising about this.

  7. good one man! read your blog after a long time.

  8. Madan: Hahaha :-) The cents would definitey get multiplied to dollars, you bet!!!

    Cuckoo: Thanks, sure, I will let you know once someone comes my way!!!

    Anand: Good man, you found some time to read this poor man's writing amidst your busy schedule :-)