Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

As the clock chimes 12 on Monday night to set off a frenzy of global celebrations, and as the New Year hype reaches a crescendo, we would have passed off yet another year having touched the "usual" landmarks on the way. Happy New Year mails and phone calls are exchanged to enliven the moment. It's not a moment of a lifetime, but there's a feeling of new found hope and excitement, as you look forward to life with gusto, albeit for those few moments. Though the general lifestyle of people has changed considerably over the last few years, and as technology has shaped our lives dramatically, the sameness in me has ensured that life has moved on at a steady pace in the year 2007. Personally, there is nothing much as far as I am concerned to unravel the timeline of events in the year 2007.

December 2006
The last week of December 2006 was spent with undergraduate classmates at Washington, DC, and we got back to our respective places just a day before the onset of New Year. New Year was never meant to be a charismatic event to us; it was just a time for us to get together. After much deliberation, I agreed to meet them, and that to them, had been a bigger event than the onset of the new year. Come on! I was a student then, I would say, and still say.

January 2007
It was a scary, apprehensive and a confusing start to the new year. Thesis, defense, job and other academic uncertainties loomed large in my life. Life had seemed to come to a standstill, and I was confused; I had no idea whether I was unplanned or my planning was too much. The academic life was taking a toll on me; well that's what I thought!

February 2007
Course work and research; the phase of winding up had just started. The campus was decked with decorations, as Valentine's day approached. Again, there was no difference in my life. Some of my friends were getting away, thanks to internships and Co-Ops; the first phase of branching out had started.

March 2007
Life had never been more stressful. I just had a month to go for my defense. Would March make a difference in my life? Well, thankfully, it did! The job offer had just clicked, and I was beginning to get a grip on my life.

April 2007
"Congratulations Praveen!!!" You are a Master of Science Graduate, said my Advisor, as I waited outside after the thesis defense. That was one of the unforgettable moments in my life. As with such moments, you also have to live life during the dark moments. My grandmother had breathed her last and I was pondering about the futility of foreign existence.

May 2007
Post thesis defense has been the best period of life. I slept during the day and stayed awake all night. A long overdue Seattle trip was made at the end of April. I also joined work in the middle of May to mark my second stint at work. Again, it was apprehensive to start with.

June 2007
Times Square is just great. Well, first time at New York, and it was a great feeling. I also got to see the demigod of Indian music, AR Rahman, perform in NY. Honestly, one of the biggest highlights of the year. An experience of a lifetime!!!

July 2007
Summer in New England is something that should not be wilted away. So, off we went to Rhode Island and Cape Code. Cruise Control mode!!

August 2007
Boston was after all not a bad place to live in. There was a nice group, nice set of people to hang out with, and thought life was monotonous, there was something to look forward to at the end of the day. Well, living in big cities does make a difference!

September 2007
Quick planning and quick getaways! Everything was planned on the fly, and we made an effort to see the places. The creepy winter was fast setting in.

October 2007
Another year had gone by and the birthday song was still the same. Not much had changed in the last many years, and this year was no different.

November 2007
Talk about depression, and November wins the contest hands down. Everywhere I saw, I could see only the white patches of depression in the form of snow eating away all happiness in life. There was absolutely no motivation to go outside. Sitting inside the car for those few moments before it got fully heated up can dampen even the best of spirits. Chilling!!!

December 2007
Another year gone past, and as I sit back to watch the Boxing Day test match, the expectations still rest on Anil Kumble to pick up the wickets. I still expect Rahul Dravid to score those vital overseas runs. The only difference with this Australian tour is that I don't have to get up early in the mornings and watch the matches with a muted set up. Time difference has created a slight difference!!!

As the years roll by and as the New Years' greeting pile up, different facets of life have changed considerably, but like any other thing, the usual aspects of life have moved on accordingly without affecting any real change in personality or related traits. Just like the way things haven't changed, let's move on to welcome A very Happy New Year 2008.
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  1. what did I do this year...well...I travelled a LOT...and by that I mean a started with spending last new year @ times square,NYC...springbreak @ smokies,TN...summer in India...later came the boston trip(aug)...then chicago during thanksgiving..and even right now while I type this am not in Rolla (and all the above trips were on shoestring budgets too)...oh n I also graduated...hmm...maybe I should be sending in a job application to NatGeo now..:)


  2. very well written!! 2007...came and went...and so fast!!! alot happened both good and bad!!!! both for you and hoping that the new year will bring in all good times ..and even if it does bring hardships..we will be there for each other...wish u all the very best!!!!
    Happy New Year!!1
    Will miss hanging around with you this weekend!!!

  3. Abhishek,
    Good to know about your travel plans ;-) You did quite a lot this year as a student. Good luck for your future endeavours. Hope the new year brings all happiness and prosperity to you!!!

    Yeah, it was like a blink of the eye. It seems as if everything whizzed past me. Every year, you have the good and the bad; we have to enjoy the good and fight the bad :-) That's the way of life. So, let's sit back and take our friendship to the new year and wait for the good things of life. Obviously, good to have you and all the wonderful friends in my life. Have a great new year, and hope all your dreams come true. Have a blast in Florida.

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  5. happy new year maga

  6. Hi,

    Wish you a very happy new year too! Hope you have many more great memories to pile up at the end of 2008! Well written post.

    Wish you all the best!


  7. Rama,
    Thanks maga. Wish you the same

    Thanks a lot Chiroti. Wish you a very happy new year to you too!!