Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The musical conversation

Are you going to put that piece of wood aside or not? I was really stunned to hear my wife shout at me like that. Wood? How dare she call it a piece of wood? I was not going to take it lying down.

So, I screamed out what was in my mind, How dare you call it a piece of wood? Can't you see what I am doing? For your information, this is violin, the heavenly musical instrument.

Aamam, enakkudhan onnume theriyadhu. Yeah, I am the one who doesn't know anything. She replied with sarcasm pouring out as if I was not aware of it in all these years of our marital life. It was just two years since both of us got married, but it already felt like two decades. How many times I have told you not to play the violin in front of me. I really lose it when you attach yourself to anything remotely musical.

Now, now, this was uncalled for. She had touched a raw nerve. How can she insult my musical talent? I had to give a reply. That's the reason I asked you, as well as my mother-in-law, your mother, whether you had any knowledge of the Carnatic world. I still remember your reply, and especially your mother's, Oh, Kavalaiye padadheengo, Ponnu romba pramadhama paaduva. Don't worry at all, the girl sings beautifully. But what do I get these days. I hardly open my mouth, as I spend most of my time listening to you. Sadly, it is nowhere mellifluous. In fact, I doubt your musical abilities.

Kadavule! Oh God! Yeah, I lied to you at the time of marriage. As if you were the district collector and I was not even a graduate. You were the one who said that I should have all the patience in the world to bear your cacophony. Don't you remember?

Oh come on. Music does not come easily to everyone. I definitely have the nyaanam. Don't you see how easily I can rake up the Hamsadwani?

All these days, I would listen to you through one ear, and let it all go through the other, when you start off with Vaatapi Ganapathim... Do you even understand how badly you mess up that song? Because of you, I have developed some sort of an aversion towards Hamsadwani Raagam these days. The transition is unbearable. I have grown up listening to MSS, Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan and Balamurali Krishna, and suddenly, when I have to listen the same from you, you can imagine how I feel towards music.

Haa! It is just some excuse. At least you have heard me sing. I have not even heard you sing. It is not enough if you have Carnatic knowledge. You should also have the courage to display it in the open. Not everybody has it.

Do you know why the pakkathaathu, neighbour, payyan, boy, has stopped coming to our house? He says that even though you teach him Maths, he cannot manage the extra few minutes of having to listen to your music. Such is the way you have scared people. Even a thief will think twice before coming to our house.

Everybody is jealous of me. I can see that. You cannot bear to see me churn out the Karaharapriya, Sindhu Bhairavi, Bilahari and the other famous Raagams. Learn to appreciate music, irrespective of who creates it.

I was not going to give up so easily. After all, music is my passion.


Can you open the door? I am busy with the strings.

As if I am not busy in the kitchen. OK, I will go, I don't want to pick up another fight with you.

It was my old friend Srinivasan. Enna Sahana, enna samayal inniki? What have you cooked today, Sahana?

As soon as he saw me, Dei, Arun, what the hell are you doing with the violin? Unakku suttu potaalum paatu varadhu!!! Why don't you ever understand that you should have nothing to do with music?


  1. hahaha.. aayiram poy solli oru kalyanatha nadathalamnu kelvi dhan patturukken.. innikki pakkavum pathupten.. periyava poy sollapdadhunnu yen sollarannu ippo daan puriyardu.. nice work. :)

  2. At last Sahana makes her way. I hope u never meant to proclaim the whole world that u r a music guru thro this short story. No body will buy it :-)

  3. Nice!!! This is the second short story of yours i'm reading....the first one, i faintly remember, is something to do with a boy called ramu....i wish i knew tamil though, all those bits i cannot understand! :-(

  4. Lakshmi,
    I have written a couple of flimsy short stories, so there is a chance that you might have read it :-)

    I had written this short story for non-Tamil speakers as well. Guess I have done a bad job!!! Will definitely try to make amends when I write the next one :-)

  5. hehe, no, Mr. GK. Ur stories aren't as flimsy as u think. I actually went back n read a couple more....esp loved the grandpa one! An yes, the story with the ramu charecter is named "Dilemma", isn't it? That is my favorite!:-)

  6. Lakshmi,
    Haha, when I reread some of those stories, I just burst out laughing :-) Nice to know that you went back and read some of the short stories!!!!

  7. hahahhaha....So..that was a short story!! I initially thought that its your own story and was wondering how you can write about your own self "this way"..... First time here.. liked it :)will keep visiting!

  8. Thanks aargee!!! Definitely not my own self :-) Just that the first person touch can make a fiction look like a non-fiction :-)

  9. hey super da.. :D : D yengeyoo poyete.. :D :D seriousaa for a min i was like evalavu nalla payeyyan.. kalyanam panidutane... achoone erunden...:D :D

    nice story.. :D