Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where is the OST?

I generally do not keep track of the music world, except, of course, when it involves ARR. It goes by default that his songs would have made their presence felt on my laptop, and gradually found their way on to my first generation ZUNE (Yes, I know, I am the only guy using this. Honestly, it is not bad even though it is, maybe, as bulky as a 1970 transistor)

I am not a person to make New Year resolutions, but, since I am very contemplative, I thought about a few things. I was just thinking of all those people whom I idolize, and one of the names to hit me, even without thinking too much, had to be ARR. I just admire him for what he is. He has made it a point to talk only through his work, and his modesty, and humility are absolutely unquestionable. What, with that amount of talent, anybody else would have taken an ego ride around the world in 80 seconds! As I went back to his work from the early nineties, I decided that I should be building a collection of ARR's music from a genuine source. I just cannot imagine buying books from street vendors where the author does not get credit for his work. I think, the same should go to music, and if you are an ardent fan of the maestro, I realized that it just does not make sense to get a free copy of his music from one of those millions of websites.

Delhi 6, the latest soundtrack from ARR released at least a couple of weeks back, and I have curbed my natural instinct to download straight from some website, free of cost. Even if I wanted to download a pirated version of the original sound track, you just cannot blame me. I tried different ways to procure the original CD, but all my experience with Google failed miserably, as the query results invariably increased my temptation to stay with piracy. If the film industry wants to cut down on piracy, they also need to make the original music available as quickly as possible.

So here are the images of some Google queries, and you would not blame anyone, if he downloads the music for free. The first query was "Delhi 6 original music cd". Apart from an online store in UK, I could not find any legitimate site.

The second query was "Delhi 6 MP3 Amazon", and again, the temptation for the pirate is just way too good!

And, here comes the juicy full toss. The search query "Delhi 6 MP3 download" gives all that is required to forget buying music for the rest of your life.
If this is the way music CDs and DVDs are going to be marketed, the music companies can be rest assured that they won't be walking away with a single buck. But, having said all this, I am going to wait for the music to hit the Amazon MP3s download store, where it is easy to download the mp3s at a nominal price. I thought it really is a cool feature, but I just hope that it comes to the stores quickly, or it might be too irresistible not to download from a hundred other sources, and that too, for free!

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  1. ok..so where did you finally get it from? tell em that :P

  2. because i am sure you are not waiting...are you?

  3. Nope, I still haven't bought it, and I don't feel like downloading ARR's albums for free anymore!!

    Conscience....!!! :-)

    Actually, someone in Kansas told me this "Oh, I am going to buy Rab Ne...original music CD. If I don't buy original SRK albums, who else will?"

    When people can do such things for a junk movie like Rab Ne.. and for an egoist(at least these days, he has got that swagger) like SRK, you are left wondering why you can't be much more sane :-)

  4. good job...hope you are persevering...cos I am not ;)