Saturday, February 07, 2009

The same old rants

There was a time in the past when mothers of little children had to warn their children, "You better not get on to the streets. Better play inside the apartment building. There are a lot of bad people out there who will not think twice to kidnap little children." The children would listen attentively and stick on to the comfort limits of well-being. Today, I am not sure whether it is only the children who have to be told by the elders. There is a vast section of the society who run the risk of getting kidnapped, thanks to some of the most obnoxious and atrocious elements of our society.

At any instant of time, if you want to visualize what's happening in India, you will have your plate full. There are so many things happening out there, some of which can leave you baying for blood. It tends to become creepy, and suddenly, you are at such a boiling point that you kind of get an insight to how a murderer really feels before he is going to commit a crime. I really had my mind on a light-hearted post, but since things have come to such a pass, let me finish this post with some of the outlandish issues pervading our country. The problem is, these issues are no more bizarre, they are becoming a norm.

For a moment, let's forget all these things. I am very happy to write that there are bigger guardians out there, worrying about the welfare of girls and boys who are in their teens and early to late twenties. Now, parents no more need to worry about which girl is going out with which boy. I am just waiting for the moment. Valentine's day is around the corner, and I am sure that it will be a great occasion to witness some mass marriages. One of my friends was telling me, "This is the best time to marry, if there is an opposition from elders at home. You can just blame one of the Senas saying that we were forced into marriage." Really, it sounds cool! One of the bigwigs daughter was kidnapped because she was going out with a different caste guy. Some of the politicians have the audacity to call this as a minor episode, and lay the blame on the girl. She was defying the Indian culture. Yeah, right, each and every one of those brutes are the perfect custodians of the Indian culture. So, a mother of a teenage girl has more reasons to worry than before.

The temple and mosque issues seems to be resurfacing again. That's the only thing the people are worried right now. I think the Gods would be more than happy to see us lead a happy life than to worry about where they have to placed on planet earth. I think our politicians would do a great job if you ask them to build a GPS. They somehow seem to know exactly what should be located where. We don't care if there are communal riots and people kill each other, but the Gods must be happy!

I also seem to be totally concerned about that South Indian stalwart who seems to be obsessed with what is happening in the island nation below ours. I am sure he is least concerned about what is happening in Tamil Nadu. Imagine his advisor telling him Sir, there were some deaths reported. His immediate response would be We have to write a letter to the PM telling him we will withdraw support to the government. Sir, that would not help. The problem is in our state. Dude, for the heck of being elected, do something.

The army fights for our country, and transfers the responsibility of safeguarding the nation's interests to a bunch of absolutely irresponsible men. We fight and live to see another day. It's the same old problems again.

Away from these things, I just have to say that Delhi 6 is one of the best ARR albums I have listened to. The songs take you to a trance, and you have no choice but to submit yourself to another world. Some of the songs are absolutely brilliant, but, Dil gira Daffatan from the album is breathtaking to say the least. I have been listening to this song on a repeat mode.


  1. I agree with you on all points including ARR's music. Have been listening to its songs for quite sometime and I am smitten by it.

    And seriously, not even the guy & girl who face opposition but even the parents should support it if they want to save on a grand affair expenses. No ? :)

  2. its seems like going back to the dark ages

  3. Very true, Mr. Praveen. Did you watch this one video that Rumble of thoughts put up?? It's scary...its about the way they killed this girl who was in love with a non-muslim boy or something...scared the wits out of me! And back in bangalore, I heard, the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike or something is screaming for the ban on valentine's day...cause its "against the indian culture"...they;ve been doing it since ages!! Some people never give up, eh??

  4. Cuckoo,
    You bet :-) If you have fallen in love, and you face opposition from family members, this is the time :-)

    Thank the "LEADERS" for protecting us, and more importantly, our culture :-)

    We need The Dark Knight :-)

    Oh my God!! What was that video? I had not seen in before. I felt numb after seeing it. Absolutely brutal!!!

    God knows how many vedikes and senas are going to drive our country crazy!!!

  5. Its really a sad state of affairs in this country of ours...

  6. Really sad state of affairs in our beloved country..