Thursday, April 16, 2009

A typical conversation - Part I

It is rather strange to think about the fact (yeah absolute fact!!) how God created (atheists, read creation of the universe at minus infinity) two entirely different species to co-exist on the same planet. It does not require any serious thinking to note that we (we men) tend to have diametrically opposite behavior as compared to the fairer sex. It is not a post to highlight the superiority of one set of beings over the other or vice versa. It is more about the fact how we are made differently.

A typical conversation, when I get back from work, back in India.

Me: Ennama vishayam? (What's the matter, Ma?)
Ma: Inniki xyz mamava parthen (I saw Mr. xyz today.)

Me: Oh OK, enna sonnar? (What did he say?)
Ma: He said he is going to America. His sons are already settled there, isn't it? So, he is getting bored here. He wants to spend some time with his grandchildren. Don't you see, he is such an active person. He was there at the temple today, and he propitiated the Gods with special offerings.

Me (half heartedly): Oh, mama's son is expecting right?
Ma (rather annoyingly): Dei, you don't even listen to what I say. Why do you think he is going to the US?

Me: Oh, when is he going to the US?
Ma: Forget it, indha kaadhula vaangi, andha kaadhula vidu!! (Take it through one ear and leave the matter through the other)

This would be a routine conversation, where my eyes would be glued to ESPN or Star Sports to get the latest update in the sports world, and my hands would be probing the plate that my mother would have placed in front of me. But, my taste buds would be as finicky as ever. En innike uppu koraiyardhu? (Why is there less salt in the food today?) My mother would immediately retort, You don't even listen to what I say, but you seem to have an absolute idea of what is lacking in food!!! It is altogether a different matter that such days were really rare, since I have been fortunate to be bestowed with amazing (an understatement actually) food, as long as I was at home. Our conversation would continue for a few minutes, with majority of the talk being one way.

Let us reverse the scenario. It would be equally funny had I met Mr. XYZ.

Ma: Ennada inniki vishayam? (What is the matter today?)
Me: Onnum illai, inniki xyz mamava parthen. (Nothing much, just met Mr. xyz today)

Ma: What did he say?
Me: Onnum Illai, general talk. He is going to the US for a short vacation.

Ma: Vera onnum sollaliya (didn't he say anything else?)
Me: Adhan sonnene, general talk. (I told you right, general talk!)

My mother would make a silent grimace, and point to the fact that I am such a poor listener and a poorer communicator of facts.

Between guys, it is totally different.

Mysore (it is a name): Maga, I spoke to Karthik today.
Me: Oh, what did he say?

Mysore: He is a chappar (wastrel), what will he say? Just the usual crap.
Me: Oh, OK!!!

The conversation would cease to exist at that point, and we would have moved on to further issues. Not that we do not spend time on talks, rather, we spend a lot of time. There is no difference whether it is a weekday or a weekend. Our usual topics would be Indian politics and cricket, among all other topics. The talks would run endlessly, and meander without a conclusion, only to be continued in subsequent conversations.

So, maybe, we(men) tend to talk about the not-so-important things of the world. But again, by no means, meeting Mr. xyz is an important event in anybody's life. At least, I have grown up in such a way that if something is predictable, there is nothing much to convey. If statistics make sense, then this must be one of the cases!


  1. good one! can relate to most of it.

  2. How about the converstions we have :P

  3. Perfectly typical, Mr. praveen! :D where's the part 2?

  4. Anand,Thanks man!

    Shubhika,Remember, we are a part of the trash talk gang :-)

    Raji mami,Thank you!

    LakshmiPart 2 is coming soon :-)

  5. lol ! good one.. these routine conversations are good stress busters !

  6. Enjoyed it and could relate to it too! Only instead of ESPN or Star Sports, I used to be curled up with a book.

  7. Hey who is this Mysore? Looks like a very intelligent soul.
    By the way I hope the second edition involves the conversation we have with the dads. The have you got money? Is everything alright?....