Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Blog on C

Quite some time did I write something on my page. What do you feel about the two fellas in the picture with the happy faces? Things are not as rosy as the picture suggests. It is the story of two brave individuals, who defied all odds and took up Linear Control Systems. But the odds had to catch up with them as a grade of C resulted at the end of the course. It is pretty disappointing and frustrating to get that grade after putting maximum efforts in that course. But then life takes its course and we just have to toe its line. Praveen and Pravin cannot get anymore luckier with the choiciest selection of the toughest course!! Pravin was shattered a day before me. Obviously! Who in the world asked him to go and check up the scores so soon. But the worst part was, he spoilt my happiness. Because, I knew that if he got that grade, I had no chance in the world to better his performance. Both of us were sailing in the same rudderless boat in a turbulent sea and in the midst of a storm you see. The next day, It was my turn to feel the low and you should have seen the other fool (I am refering to Pravin) consoling me as if he was the topper in the subject. I didn't understand the logic. Both of us had got a C, but why was he consoling me? Then came the good samaritan, Yadunandana Yellambalase with his newly bought HP camera (now in the docks), cheerfully patting my back and telling me "Maga, don't worry! Worse things than this can happen in life". Was he consoling me? What are the other possible things that can happen was weighing on my mind? And then, he told us to give a pose after our accomplishment. So, here you are seeing.....


  1. Dai.....

    I was the one who cheered you up that day. I made you realize that you were thinking about such an insignificant event of your life.

    I did not want to see your cry baby face. I don't remember "worse than this" statement.

    Do well in Rosa's class. I don't want to repeat this thing again :-)

  2. Lol, thats funny. You cried for a C grade???!!! Remember the Hindi tuition classes where the kinja pisinaari teacher never gave us a good grade.. You'll feel better :))

  3. Loafer... You cry for this ???? Grow up man... No one is gonna ask your marks cards or even ask what your GPA is...

  4. hi guys,

    First of all lemme explain a few things:

    1.) You know this time the total water content in Niagara Falls increased. That's because of me!!

    2.) I know that this is the most crucial event in my life that I had no second chance but to cry!!

    3.) Life comes to a standstill right, if you get a C, so obviously, I had no other choice!!!

    4.) If Steffi Graf or Maria Sharapova loses in the Australian Open semi final or Finals, I may lose my sleep a little, but for a C, I obviously have to lose quite a lot right!!!

    5.) By the way, read comment 1 properly!!!!

    Don't get anymore surprised or shocked...:-)

    Concentrate on your work!!!!

  5. Glad to see that nothing much has changed in you. U are still the same guy (from PESIT) who would slog for hours to get a good grade and keep cribbing abt his marks.

  6. hehe...funny...
    I was testing live search with my name and got a link to this blog. Nice read after a long time.