Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mechanics Rolling

Back from holidays where I did nothing to school, where I am doing nothing. I think the best thing to do these days is to spend as less a time as possible in front of the computer. Obviously, what would anybody do as soon as he boots the system:
  • Open the list of email applications where he has registered
  • Since there are N email applications, sometimes it so happens that not all of them have the same password
  • Take up the challenge of answering the hint questions - its not easy you see
  • One has to find out what is happening around the world - Come on! you can't be doing research all the time
  • One has to be upto date with sports, how else will you find out how many more runs did India and pakistan score more than 600 runs in a Test match
  • Crib about the lifeless quality of pitches in Pakistan as if that's the only concern on your head right now
  • Entertainment is a key to happiness! Rang De Basanti has to be found out through reviews!
  • With a painstakingly high resolve, click on that orange icon on the desktop (Thank God, its on the desktop) to open the Matlab Editor that stutters its way amidst a lot of obstacles
  • Open Google to find something which you don't understand and then suddenly realise that you forgot to respond to your friend's mail
  • If all this is not enough, your stomach too doesn't realise the situation and goes empty
  • You run home to grab a quick meal and run back as if you are running short of time
  • Even Einstein will get a complex to see you running back like a hare
  • Your research work commenes!!!

Finally, you realise that you are not getting the right results and I don't blame anybody for it!!!


  1. You have given your work in a typical day....
    Why dont you give a list of websites which you visit everyday?

    May be it will help others to do the samething as you do :-)

  2. see ...i only have to say one thing...stupidy and research are the same...we do the same actions again and again ...repeating different results all the time....