Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lok Paritran

I remember the days when we used to sit back and have a discussion on how the current political system can be cleansed. We have so many political parties and each of them have their own ideologies, but how many of them are actually pointing towards the welfare of the system. Every party seems to have a clear idea of how other parties shouldn't be messing up things, but nobody seems to have an idea of how they can improve their party. The general trend is like this - Mess up while in power for four years, come back to normalcy for about two months prior to elections, announce attractive schemes that can lure any voter to vote for them, get involved in active elections campaign, identify areas in the state that can impress even a cartographer, retain leadership or come back to power(if you are in the opposition) and the cycle repeats. If this is what politics is all about, then who in the world would have the interest to join the system and do something good for the society. Obviously, it is a terrific ordeal to float a party amidst a lot of compulsions. Everybody wants a youth icon to project the country's political image, but who is willing to toe the line. Any engineer who graduates from a normal engineering college is assured to get a fat pay cheque every month. This in a short span of time can lead to such an amount that he can live out his remaining days without having to worry about his job prospects.

What about the premier institutions in India? IITs and IIMs have the cream of the technical and management students in India. Imagine a student coming out of one of these institutions. The student has the luxury of multiple offers, bloated pay cheques, terrific job profile, and everything else that can lure him to a job. Obviously, there are some people who think differently. An IIM-A graduate student this year shunned a high paying job to set up a business venture. There are many such cases where the students are not lured by money. But what if you want to set up a political party that comprises of IITians and IIM students. The net result will be nothing short of exemplary. We would have the best minds in the country working on a grass root level. Nothing can get better than this. Yes! The party Lok Paritran comprises of such high profile members who can really bring about a change in the system.

Though it remains to be seen how they perform in the current assembly elections, they must be praised for their short term as well as long term vision. It seems to be a party heading with a specific purpose. This is a right time to launch young and dynamic leaders who can make a difference with their approach. We always picture our leaders as men who are in their forties to sixties. I think this image will hopefully change in a few days' time.

It would be great to see a change in the next generation youth. If educated people willingly take up the responsibility of heading the country, that would herald the beginning of a new chapter in the annals of Indian politics.

Access their profile here and get impressed!


  1. Even we can join them and become politians once we go back. seriously !!!!

    I hope u know Ramesh Ramanathan, Founder of Jaanagraha.
    He worked here for 8 years and then went back.

    He was the MANAGING DIRECTOR, CITIBANK, EUROPE. Who else can motivate better.

  2. We need not be good politicians but we can work at the grassroot level by aligning ourselves with a party that has good ideologies! I think we will be in a better position to decide what we want when we get back to India!!!