Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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Ta Ta Maran

Seeing the latest reports on rediff, I was in splits. Dayanidhi Maran tyring to find his way through the most respected clan in India. The Tatas have contributed so much to the country that the entire country holds them in awe and wonder. JRD Tata is a legend by himself and the man has been acknowledged by many as a thorough gentleman. Such is the name left behind that even now one talks about the Tatas, it is with a lot of pride. TATA belongs to us is the feeling that one gets when talking about the services they have rendered since the last century. Imagine Dayanidhi Maran, the "Honourable" Minister of Communications and IT threatening Ratan Tata to part with ownership rights and stock options of Tata Indicom to his brother Kalanidhi Maran or else destroy the company completely. Does he think that real life is similar to reel life scenes played on his brother's channel SUN TV? I think it is hight time our ministers think beyond personal gains and contribute something for the welfare of the country.

No Pharmacy, no problem! Go find a Pepsi!

What has one got to do if all the pharmacies are closed, and he has to buy a condom? Go to the nearest shop and get hold of a pepsi and empty its contents. Lo and Behold! you have a condom(not sure whether it is a used one or not) tucked in there. This is what one of the residents of Ujhani village near New Delhi, India found out after consuming one of the two Pepsi bottles he bought in 2003. Pepsi tried its level best to be acquitted from the case, but the court ruled in favour of the customer. The customer is now compensated with one lakh rupees (less than 2000$). Pepsi will soon be coming up with a You never know what you get contest. Buy a pepsi and get something free will be the punchline of Pepsi in the future. What I fail to understand is how people like Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar endorse a brand that can be so dangerous to the common man. There are so many people who follow them and it is a shame to see them capitalize so much without any regard to social concerns. We have a million fans running behind them! Such is the state of affairs!

Rai's woes

The media is so fond of Aishwarya Rai that it creates headlines when the news does not deem even columns in the supplementary paper. While she was shooting for Mani Ratnam's latest movie Guru, she fell off from her cycle and suffered minor bruises. Oh my God! This has resulted in national disaster with all the top papers vying for her attention, and even some top people going and meeting her in the hospital (now why hospital for bruises?). It is high time the media knows what to display in the main page rather than worry about trivial issues bearing not even an iota of importance.

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  1. P.Gopichand turned down a lucrative endorsement contract with Pepsi saying " I dont drink it. I dont think its good for your health and I dont want children and others to drink it just because they see me endorsing it." That alone makes him stand head and shoulders above all the moneygrubbing sports persons and actors that endorse any damn thing if the price is right.