Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Boje, Gibbs and their fibs!

Cricket is a religion in India, but there is no denying that it lacks universal appeal. Remember the South Africa tour of India in the year 2000, where the then most popular and dynamic South African skipper Hansie Cronje couldn't defend the match-fixing charges hurled at him. That opened a can of worms what with a lot of players getting caught in the match-fixing fraca. Herschelle Gibbs and Nicky Boje formed a part of the match fixing committee supporting Cronje in his madness. It was proved beyond doubt that they had a big role in influencing the result of the game, not by the way they played but by the way they weren't going to play. They were literally nailed by the Delhi police and Cronje was stripped off his captaincy as well as dropped out of the team squad. That really dented the image of cricket.

Now what is happening? Boje and Gibbs never tour India since the Delhi police have not dropped any charges against them. Why in the world would they do that? Why can't these guys tell the police what exactly happened? Just because they serve a ban for one year doesn't mean that these guys can be let scot-free. It was totally disgusting to see the way the International Cricket Council (ICC), the so called cricketing body, handled the whole issue. Would a one year ban serve the purpose? What they commited was playing with the sentiments of millions of fans who watch the game. Everytime the South African team tours India, these guys make an issue as if there is something wrong with the Indian police without realising the grave atrocities commited by them. According to me, they should have been banned for life and given no role in any form of cricketing activity. They should not even be allowed to play on the streets. Even the Australian cricket board generously allowed people like Mark Waugh and Shane Warne to play after they were caught red-handed. It was funny to see Waugh come out with a statement I just gave details regarding the pitch conditions and weather reports and this could have no bearing in the final result of the game. Don't worry Mark, We "believe" you! The Australian Board has handled the whole issue in a very unprofessional way.

It looks like only the Asian boards adhered to the strict policy of granting life bans to Azhar, Salim Malik and Jadeja, and though they weren't in the same position as their counterparts from the other countries. The ICC has to realise that they cannot get along with players who have no sense of pride for their country, who have no shame to be a part of a filthy scam that can rock the game, who are in no way doing a service to the game by bringing the game to total disrespute, and finally who can do anything for money inspite of striking rich deals through the game and endorsements.

These things show that ICC have no control of the game and they do not have the mite to take bold decisions that can absolve the game of all the filth borne out of these miscreants.


  1. WHy cricket and that too match fixing all of a sudden ?

  2. Just saw the latest news on Gibbs and Boje being doubtful for the Champions Trophy in India because of the charges against them!!! So!!!!