Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Unusual lines...

Waiting in the dark corridors of uncertainity,
And whiling away your time in trinity,
A lot of things seemingly unclear,
Living with the hope of nothing to fear!

Chaos and confusion adorns your mind,
Time and work keeps you in bind,
But when were things perfectly clear?
Always a challenge to come out of the lair!

A perfect setting and a future,
A dream to stitch; your work a suture,
It is time to work your way,
Not wait for things to sway

A sense of uneasiness as usual,
Life trudges along the same lines,
Day after day; the trauma remains,
Are you still waiting for a change?


  1. Maga,

    Kansas trip du ondu blog bari. nange baryakke time illa, nin bloge link kotbidtini....

  2. Very nice and creative writing my friend