Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The G Gang and The Professors

In life, there are certain things that are unexplainable in a few words. The Gandu Gang fits in this picture. There are so many things that we did in four years of our Engineering that I just have to go back to time and pick events that have given us abundant happiness. The Part I had a vivid account of the Gandus (obviously, we belong to the Gandu Gang right!!), about how we met and how things changed in those four years. PESIT had a reputation of being a highly structured and disciplined college, and the fun was to break the system from within and to do it flawlessly. There is no doubt that it is one of India's premiere Engineering colleges, but what we did within the confines of the campus was fun and joyous.

It is nice fun to talk about teachers and lecturers of school and college. So, let me list the entities who made our life fun-filled in those many years.

Mr. X = He was the man who handled our C programming class in the second semester. When he entered the class for the first time with the briefcase, we anticipated a laptop emerge out of that worn out leather stuffing. We waited endlessly and relentlessly for those few minutes, and then as he opened the suitcase, we saw papers being ruffled out and out emerged the notes. He was not as hi-tech as what we anticipated. He was after all still in the 20th century. How can we forget the way Anand M was (mis)handled in one of the classes. Obviously, M is not an austere and quiet person. He deserved that and all the more. Which lecturer would keep quiet if he went on chattering endlessly when the whole class was quiet? Now, He would kill me for that. Ok, on a more serious note, Anand M, can you explain what in the world you were doing that caught his attention when the whole class was busy chatting and writing practical records? I am sure he must have done something to unnerve the great man. Mr. X had a scooter that was an object of interest for all the students. It was an old 1985 (or older) model of Bajaj scooter, with an orange-yellow tinge which would speed past at not more than 20 kmph. Chakra had the luxury of trying out this unlocked vehicle and of course without the knowledge of its owner.

Ms. Maths: Now, which maths lecturer do I talk about. There were so many different people handling the class. Ok, I will talk about RS Flip Flop. This flip flop had the problem of racearound condition as we all know, and the real life was no different. It is no easy task to manage a bunch of jokers in the class racing around one another in terms of the incessant chatter generated. How can I forget the third semester? Prasad and I were at the receiving end of the RS flip flop. Both of us were in the illustrious list of having got to spend the entire semester outside the class. What was the reason? Both of us were not listening in the class. Now, what is new in that? There was a much more funny incident in the second semester. Anand M and Kanna were as usual busy with their pranks, when the flip flop decided to act on both the elements. You would expect both of them to be kicked out of the class right! But sadly for Kanna, the flip flop lambasted Kanna and to top it all pitied M for sitting next to this dangerous creature. I still remember the dialogue, How in the world are you able to sit next to this guy and concentrate in class? Ooof...Very sad!!! Everyone in the class was ROFL (Rolling on the Floor in Laughter)!!! Even Anand M couldn't believe he had heard rightly and none of us could figure out whether that was a compliment or an insult!!!

Mr. Maths: He was a mild mannered man, and wouldn't hurt a fly even in his dreams. But, we of the Gandu gang did not care about such trivial things. The flip flop was amended, and an N was added. Yes guys! You are guessing it right! He was NRS. We were the elite group which was dismantled in the first semester. To put it plainly: We were driven out of the class. I think it was me, Prasad, Gopal, Robin and whom? Do you remember who it was? I think we were the only guys to be out of the class and history will remember us for this sole reason of having offended this great soul.

Ms. Maths II: Now who is this part II. She was taking special classes right through the first semester and that too on Saturdays. The worst part was we couldn't decipher what was happening in the class. But you see, we were concerned about attendance and we hapless creatures attended all these classes without a choice. But, Prasad had a soft corner for this lecturer. Now, I wasn't spared here either. I still remember the day when I had attended the fest in RVCE, and though my friends told me that we should be staying in RVCE until the end of the day, I did not relent, as I wanted to attend this class. I was worried about attendance you see. Fifteen minutes into the class, and I was driven out of the class and sadly without attendance. Can it get worse?

Ms. Maths III: Do you remember the tamil teacher who taught us in the fourth semester. She was a nice mild mannered lady. AT Rajesh had a great time in the class, for he consistently adjusted the proxy settings depending on who was absent. I don't remember Robin attending a single Maths class during this semester. Ask him about it and he will deny it? That's Robin for you!!!

Ms. NA: I still remember the first test in the third semester when the whole class faltered in this test. Network Analysis was not a tough subject, but by the third semester, we knew how the college functioned and started to exploit the loopholes! We were not very serious about the tests, and there started our decline in our performance. I still remember how angry she was with the class at our pathetic performance. But overall, she was really concerned about our performance in the class. How can we forget the first semester, when we were driven out for not using our calculators!

Mr. Malaysia: Well, atleast that's what I thought the name was for a long time. He was obsessed with CROs, and I still cannot fathom why in the world we had stuffs on our first and second test which was way out of the syllabus. He also had this obsession for POTs. Now, Pots does not mean something that has got to do with mud pots, but it refers to Potentiometers. Any circuit which is not functioning had one solution: POT use maadri!!! Anybody still remembers the Class B amplifier in the third semester. He had set a record with his fantastic and complicated circuit. It had 6 POTs.

Mr. SVS: He was an amazing man who handled Civil Engineering for us in the first and second semester (with SOM). I still remember how Robin made a fool out of himself in the class. What sort of a load is that? asked Mr. SVS. Sir!! It is a shagging..no no....sagging load sir..told the great man. Kannappan had got caught in this class for laughing. Guess who had made the comment? Obviously it was the author.

Ms. Mup, Signals and Systems, Comp Arch, Mobile Comm: She was the undisputed number one in teaching. Why do I say that? See the variety of subjects she has handled. Now to put it plainly, she was one teacher where not a single guy understood anything in class. I can vouch for that. She did not care to understand that we did not understand and neither did she make an attempt to make herself understood. She was a one in a billion teacher. Now to the incidents, AT and Ramesh landed a basketball right in front of her during the COA class. The entire class was chucked out and we walked out in glee! We were kicked out of her class many many times. Does anybody remember the mobile seminar I gave in class during the sixth semester? When she pointed out that I had made a mistake somewhere, the whole class screamed: No, he was right!!!! She was an unforgettable lady!!!

Mr. KVN: Now, he was one of the most amazing lecturers in class. He was known for his witty repartees, and I am not sure whether he understood what he spoke. AT Rajesh used to follow him in class when he was moving about. KVN knew what he was doing and one day refered to him as an electron. Are you an electron or what I say? retored KVN in glee.

Mr. Murugesan: The first time we were waiting eagerly for the new DSP Professor. In came Mr. Murugesan, and as usual the reception to him was no different compared to the other professors. He was so annoyed with us that he told us, You don't know about me. I can ruin your DSP career. That was heights!!!

Mr. Siddharaju: He was an amazing individual. He handled ITC for us. He was nice in the sense that he allowed us to do what we wanted in class provided we did not disturb him. So, obviously he had good Teacher Evaluation Ratings. Does anybody remember why I was thrown out of his class? Let us see how many of you know it!!!

In spite of all the little trivias about our undergraduate lecturers, we still have a great admiration for everyone. Being in teaching career is no joke, and these people have spent so many years with us that it is impossible to forget them for the rest of our life. Though we have got kicked out of the class by every teacher, the regard for them will stick on forever. I will update the other professors in the next post.

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  1. That Blood Sucking Squinty troubled more than anybody!!!!!

    U should be happy with the fact that Vanamala hasnt falied anyone.

  2. "ruin your DSP career"???

    Something tells me that 4 years of drinking continuosly, never listening in University and playing Sanke on a Nokia phone whilst in lectures could also do that.

    Mind you, my regime must have something going for it since I am now a professional engineer...

  3. who is this anonymous.

    I think with the kind of emotions oozing out it must be prasad.

    Prasad is that you?

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  5. Man, you PESIT guys are SOOO lame!!. I'm from BMS which kicks PESIT's Ass, and if you dont agree to that, RVCE makes PESIT look like dirt, you guys just think ur smart, the RVCE people kill you at everything.