Sunday, August 13, 2006

The G Gang

Pic: Robin, Harry(though not a part of G gang), Prasad, Me, MAK, Gopal, Anand M and Kanna (Anand Raghavan - missing link)

What is the G Gang?
A post pending for really a long time to reflect upon the atrocious activities commited by us during our college days at PESIT. The characters of this gang are highly contagious creatures who can land themselves in trouble at the slightest pretext, and of course more importantly can get others in trouble all the more easily. The G Gang sounds rather filmy, but the title is transfixed due to certain high profile characters outside the gang. The G gang was thrown upon by a highly studious element in the class, and being highly shameless and uncaring, the gang took it as a compliment to prefix it with a G. Before you get into G-spot and other outrageous abbreviations, let me get this straight. Those guys are not fit for anything. It is the gandu gang, screamed the good samaritan. We laughed around on hearing this from the good guy's friend. We took it as a joke though it was hurled in a fury. At any point in those four years, we never flattered to deceive. We were always thought of as a bunch of jokers and we lived upto the people's expectations.

Who are we?
A set of complex and intriguing characters can be formed either in a classroom or in a mental asylum. Luckily, we got together at the former place. The kind of misdeeds commited by us could have so easily got us at the latter place. Let me take you to the main protagonists. We were a group of eight guys, and to sum us up in alphabetical order

Pic: In the college auditorium

Anand M: The intricate gray matter has saved him many times from another protagonist.
Anand Raghavan: A reserved and hard working guy who got spoilt in the group!
Arun Kumar: The chess whiz kid and a favourite with the professors.
Gopalakrishna A: A silent killer with well-defined ambitions
Kannappan: You remember the guy who has saved Anand M on many occasions. Well! He is the guy.
Prasad: He had a weird quote in his wallet at all times.
Praveen GK: Notoriously bothered about getting out of class.
Praveen K aka Robin: A cricketer who cared more about others than self.

How did we meet?
The first day in class, and after a tiring bus journey(it was a one hour journey on bus number 188), I came to the packed classroom. I was all the more angry since classes started on the first day itself. It was not like our Pre-University college, where classes struggled to get going. On the first day itself, I was feeling like an alien, and the questions the first benchers put to the teacher made me feel like an infiltrator in the classroom. I was waiting for the first opportunity to break loose and get out. But, sadly these things happen only in movies and to be honest, I did not have the guts to do all this on the first day itself. You see! I had to create an impression with the teachers! Our classes ran from 8:15 in the morning to 3:45 in the evening. There was a break from 10:15-10:45 in the morning, and there was another break for lunch at 12:45 that extended upto 1:30 PM. Now, how would you not call that a demanding schedule? So, as soon as I entered the class, these things obviously cannot enliven a person, right! To make matters worse, there was this guy sitting in the last row , and as myself and Gopal settled to the confines of the last bench, he greeted us. Hi! I am Anand from Anand. That was funny! Then, we realised that he is from Gujarat. He was wearing a low class sunglasses, the one which looked like as if he found it when walking on the streets. He wore a disastrous smile, and greeted us askewedly. I returned back the Hi in not so convincing terms. I was sure that he was not a "my type" guy. Gopal and I exchanged a glance that could be understood only by us.

Pic: At the send-off Party! Amazing food from Adigas!

At 10:15, I felt relieved after the Electric Circuits class and MES (Mechanical Engineering Science) class. How can I forget the people who took these classes? They were unforgettable. The break for half an hour was highly refreshing. I just ended up chatting with some of the other guys. The classes progressed like this till the end of the day. Then, when we were heading back home, we found Kannappan and Prasad, whom we realised stayed in close proximity to our area. There, we also found our cool dude, Anand waiting for the bus. On enquiring, we found out that he also stayed in Malleswaram. So, there emerged the Malleswaram Penta- me, Gopal, Kanna, Anand M and Prasad.

Now, how did these guys Anand Raghavan, Arun and Robin fit in our scheme of things. Raghavan happened to be M's lab partner, while Arun aka MAK (M Arun Kumar was his full name) was in their lab. As far as Robin is concerned, he was my lab mate.

So, I guess now finally things are clear as to how we met and came together in this circle of student life!

What did we do?

Pic: Flaunting PESIT Building!

I can safely proclaim that we were a bunch of jokers, apart from the sanity maintained by MAK. The less I talk about Kanna, the better. But, since every aspect of the Gandu gang involves around this great man, how can I stop myself by talking less about this great guy? It was KNR's (Does it ring a bell, guys?) class and these guys Anand M and Kanna were meddling with some book. KNR pointed to these guys and told them to walk out of the class. In the history of the college, noone was kicked out by him and I can bet that noone would ever be kicked out of the class by him. It was obviously shameful since we were all in the first semester. But then we never realised that this incident was the first of many in our engineering career.

Kanna was always the cynosure of the class due to his typical Veerappanish name. He was the butt of jokes from another great duo AT Rajesh and Ramesh Kumar Yadav. Rajesh had this uncanny ability to fit into any gang and befriend them easily. He had a notorious group of friends, but he was the undisputed brain of the class. Talk about a table tennis tournament for mixed doubles or girls, or talk about any announcement in the class, the notice was always suffixed with Kanna's name, thanks to the duo. He was the most popular guy in the college, and sadly even the professors felt that way. Thanks to Kanna, I was a part of our principal's thrown out list, and all the more thanks to Prasad for creating an entirely new dimension to the kicking out incident. Nobody spent more time on studies than Kanna. He would unfailingly study everyday, and during exam time, he would be a symbol of sincerity and hardwork. Of course, everybody in our group knew about his "spendthrift" nature.

Pic: AT Rajesh with his antics!

The coolest among us was undoubtedly Robin. Robin always had this motivation to get involved in things that obviously didn't have to do with him. Who can forget the day when he didn't come for the first two hours of class since his neighbour's car had a flat tyre. That really showed his duty bound nature to others. It always surprised us to see him take so much responsibility at home. Who remembers Shravan? He would unflinchingly do all the work at home, and if time permitted, would be there for the first hour in college. Now, if Robin is reading this, I am sure he would blow my brains out! I also remember the time during the study holidays. That one guy who would be unperturbed by all the xerox copies floating around. He would always do what he considered best. When all of us used to spend time calling up others to find out what they are studying, Robin would be at his usual best fiddling with the basic necessities! Definitely, he was the coolest one.

Do you remember me telling about Prasad carrying a perplexing note in his wallet. The quote reads thus O citizens, first acquire wealth. You can practise virtue afterwards. This used to be his quote at all occasions. An outright guy with a rigid set of ideas. If you had a question to Prasad Hey, Why don't you concentrate in Analog Electronics class? The answer would be Come on man, why bother to learn analog stuff when the world is going digital. If you have to counter that, he would come up with something all the more stupid!! There was no way in the world one can win an argument against this guy. He was one guy who would not even make an attempt to study from the reference text. His statement would be plain What will you understand from that man?.

Gopal was my buddy in PU days. A sincere guy who would try his level best not to get into the bad books of the teachers. I still remember the PU days, when he gave proxy to one of the classmates and the worst part was getting caught for it. That was the day he vowed that he would never do it, and like Bheeshma followed it up dutifully. We refered to him as the silent killer, as he was a very quiet guy but always came up with some or the other behind the back activity.

MAK was a chess whiz kid. He had the ability to play chess for 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. He had built an aura around himself. He could play chess with ten people simultaneously and the best part is defeat all of them blindfolded. We would rate him as the Professors' favourite. He was always a part of the college activities much to the annoyance of Prasad.

Anand Raghavan was a quiet guy, who would spend a lot of time mud-slinging mmmMMMM......Offline comments!!! He was known for his sincerity and dedication, and would always emerge with flying colours after the exams.

Finally, being a modest guy, I wouldn't want to comment much about myself. All I can say is I was a perfect embodiment of everything!!! (I am sure others would be seething in fury seeing this).

Coming to the honest part of classroom education, we never listened to a single word in class, and we were never actually spared by anyone. In the sense, we were "out"going students of every class. There was not a single teacher who has not thrown us out of the class for some reason or the other. But, thankfully, we never changed for the worse. Do you guys remember the Mobile Communications seminar?

Though talks on Gandu gang can go on for days, I am sure I can get enough material to write a book on what we had done in those wonderfuly four years. I am limiting my content here with great difficulty.

Oh! I totally forgot to mention the everlasting name in our memory - Corner Seenu? Now, does that ring a bell?

PS: A tribute to the great time we had in those great four years!


  1. brought back lots of memories, will scrap in detail later.sad that we dont have a snap in which all of us are present.
    too many incidents have happenned to be put down in a single blog :)

  2. Awesome man, nice work. Kanna has put up a snap of GGang-Rags in his orkut.
    There are lots of more amazing incidents which we can bring up shortly.

  3. I have more snaps if u want. u hav not mentioned abt
    1)MAK's cartoons.
    2)Robins once bunked internals for some reason.

    and prasad do u still have that qoute?

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  6. I can remember few more now...

    1) SS (remember this gentle man) we were woundering he is going to open a laptop from his suitcase but wat came out was a bunch of scribbled papers.

    2) AT driving his bike around.....oh sorry not AT it was chakra I think.

    3) Seenu pushing me down from 188

    4) Vanamala and G gang + AT so much trouble, poor female she withstood all that pain.

    5) AT walking behind KVN

    6) And the guy who told " I will ruin all ur lifes" forgot his name though

  7. great post man ..
    adding to kanna's list:
    1) AT re-enacting KBC in KVN's class
    and the term "Magaji" being born.
    2) Kanna - it was Murugesan who warned us and threatened us about ruining our lives.
    3) What abt Praveen's graphics exam ?? He said that the guy who copied from him got 95 -- and Praveen's ends up with what -- 50's ?? Forgot that poor guy's name though.
    4) And what about all those disastrous internal exams .. I dont remember crossing 190/200 even a single time.
    5) Guys, btw do u remember we had a great prof named "Malaysia" ??

  8. Best blog I've ever read. Praveen some other blogs PLEASE:
    1) Our profs
    2) AT and Ramesh.


  9. looks like u had a great time re-living it as much as i had reading it..

  10. hey nice to see photo of Pratap :)