Monday, February 05, 2007

In a daze...

As I look at the calendar and see the number of days that are attached so called special significance, I wonder where we are heading. Every day is more or less commercialized. Father's day, mother's day, friendship day, valentine's day, dog's day, cat's day, pet's day....and the list seems never ending. Half the time, I end up forgetting people's birthdays, and also wonder what the fuss is all about. As long as you like a person, you would end up doing good for the person. Why wait for a particular day if you have to express your love and affection?

Open a website, and the message would prop up Express your love to your mother, buy some roses for your valentine, do this to your best friend...... I would never wait for Mother's day to remember my mother. I don't even know when Mother's day actually falls on. I get reminded about it from numerous television programs and thousands of web pop-ups that disturb my browsing peace. I wonder where the modern fantasies are taking the present day youth. The marketing is so good that people get attracted by trivial things. The money is out there, you just have to find ways to blow it up. Also, that doesn't mean one shouldn't be curbed off their freedom to celebrate these days. I remember the moral policing that was taking place in Bombay and Madras when the so called preservers of moral code and ethics went about damaging shops and malls that were promoting the celebration of Valentine's day. Nobody has any right to stop others from doing what they want. We have reached a situation where everyone wants to experience these new things in life, and get associated with the gloss and superficialities around us. So, why stop when in a matter of time you would realize the cons associated with such things.

Birthdays were supposed to be accompanied by wishes and visits to temples, and of course spending quality time with near and dear ones. That's what I thought! But how wrong I was. I see people get kicked mercilessly as if their very existence is a sin and their birth is the main cause of all the wrong things in life. Of course all this happens in the name of birthday bumps and gives me every reason to flee. I remember when back home, I wouldn't even wait till 12 to get the birthday wishes. I would be in the middle of a deep sleep, wake up early in the morning to wishes from parents (my brother would be sleeping when I get up, so obviously he would wish me late in the day), pack my bags to school/college/office depending on which stage of life I was in, come back in the evening, go to the Hanuman temple close to the Malleswaram Railway Station and end the day with a feeling of everlasting peace. That's birthday celebrations for me!!!!

But for the time being, let me await for the Valentine's Day and put up with numerous advertisements commencing two weeks before the so called D day and two weeks after it. As my roommate says rightly, We fellows would repent that it is yet another Valentine's Day that has gone abegging!!!! But, seriously, it just does not make a difference to my life.


  1. It really seems bizzare to see how wierd are the marketing strategies these. U r blog has reminded me my sweet old bdays. I used to do a pooja forcibly and then go to school with a box of chocolates. Recitation of bday song by the whole class made me sit on cloud 9 :)

  2. Praveen, great post and I couldn't agree with you more. The holiday for which I reserve most of my angst tends to be Valentine's Day. It really makes me mad that we need a Hallmark to tell us when and how we should romance our loved ones. Christmas, too, is getting out of hand. I just about burst a blood vessel last year when I saw Christmas stuff in the aisles in August! Some people tell me other stores had Christmas stuff for sale in July! Help!!!

    I love how you celebrate birthdays. I'm totally with you...the simpler we keep it, the better!

    Thanks for this post!