Thursday, February 01, 2007


There are moments in life when everything around you comes to a standstill and the only thing that seems to be filling the void are your thoughts. Not everyone can give you company at every point in life, and there is always this strange feeling that you might be left stranded some day. The way life paces out itself is truly amazing. An unexplainable lowest ebb in your life creates a queasy and uncertain thought in your head, and according to me is certainly the most complicated aspect of life. You have no idea why you are going through certain things that you shouldn't be going through. There is nobody to look upto, since everything turns unexplainable. You just sit and wonder whether people around you would be able to comprehend the incomprehensible. Thoughts come streaming in when your mind is blanked out of everything. This according to me is the worst experienced feeling till now.

There is always this tendency for an individual to go back in time and hope to set right what might have gone wrong in life. That would have certainly been the best invention. Time machine going into the past and tweaking your life to get the basic concoctions right for a better tomorrow would certainly have made good headlines. Sometimes, expectations from life is a bit too much and the twist and twirls can leave you gasping for breath. As a student away from home, having to undergo this emotional trauma now and then can be truly mind boggling. It is easy to come up with statements like Life throws a lot of challenges and that we should battle all these things. This statement is truly laudable, but in reality, when you are not in your elements, I am not sure whether anything will help including having friends. One of the most difficult things is to contain your emotional surges at the wrong moments. An experience of living away from home is one of the biggest learning aspects in life. The learning comes from not undergoing these travails but coming out of it unscathed.

It is just that you know some days are not your days. It is better to stick on with what you are doing than interact with anyone. As each day passes by, the various facets of emotion has just taught me to cope up with various thoughts. All along through these travails, thoughts fortunately or unfortunately do not desert the deserted. It just beats me how thoughts can take you to unimaginable situations through fascinating sojourns braving forth rugged terrains lifting you from the grasp of the uncertainties around you. It is during these times that an inspirational touch can do more than a handful to lift you from the dumps.

As my thoughts come streaming in...


  1. I have read through your thoughts several times and pondered on them a while. I have a question or two - When you desire to use your time machine are you going back to correct errors because you now know the truth or the answer, or are you going back to pursue a different direction in an attempt to find a different life than you have right now?

    There are three basic levels to life. The body, the soul ( Mind , will and emotions ) and the spirit. The most complete answers to the deepest questions in life address each level. I have been pondering your thoughts and have been trying to ascertain at what level or levels you wish to engage this topic.

  2. Mmm....pretty high intensive thought provoking comment! Obviously, I would love to correct errors that got stuck on the way due to some bad calculations. But there are certain things in life for which I still seek answers, so it doesn't make sense if I go back to time, because I still do not know what I want for certain things. It depends on when exactly I can use the time machine. I can use it only when I know that what I have done right now is wrong!!!

  3. Life, I have found, is made up of seasons. There are times when I am soaring among the eagles and others when I have experienced emotional and intellectual despair. I have often wondered where I would be and in what state, if only I hade made this decision or if that had not occurred. It is a truth that these type of thoughts can be haunting at best, yet I have found peace in their midst.

    I have heard both sadness and longing in the words you have written. I can only humbly offer you the life that I have and what I have learned in it. I am not nearly as eloquent in verse as you, and I have a reputation for talking too long, but if you are interested I would be grateful to pass on that which I have learned. Perhaps it will ease the travail and the emotional trauma. I can not speak to how inspired I am but such as it is, you are welcome to it.

    As my thoughts come streaming in.....