Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blah, blah, blah...

As I made up my mind to write a blog post today, I was wondering about the writable topics that I have on hand. I have nothing to write about movies, since I have always thought that movie reviews are cliched. Just to share something with you, I saw Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam starring Tamanna (the cute girl from Happy Days) and Siddharth. I was happy that I was not all that bad in understanding the unofficial No. 2 language of the States - Telugu. I did not drool over Tamanna too much, since she was not as captivating as she was in the previous mentioned movie. But, I lived with that!!!

Did I read any books? I have been holding Stephen Hawking's A briefer history of time for a couple of weeks. I finished reading about his explanation of Einstein's theory of relativity, and I wanted to go back to that chapter to get a better understanding. But, unfortunately, I forgot to place the bookmark back in position. So, I feel lethargic to go ruffle the pages, and find out the place from where I can continue my reading. I am finding reasons to be lazy and boring. Just blame it on me! (By the way, is anyone experiencing the same problem as I am? When I delete a word from a sentence in blogger, I notice that the adjacent word also gets deleted!) Yeah, getting back to the point, I want to get a whiff of Hawking's interpretation of Physics.

Based on the way I am reading A briefer history of time, you can actually conclude that it is an absolute disgrace to keep twiddling around with the book for two weeks, without even nearing completion. But, that's because, I was hardly reading. I wish there was a word in English to describe the action of holding a book in hand without assimilating even an iota of information from the pages. That's a part of the game. I got Vikas Swarup's Q & A from the library, but this time, it was not just a book, but an audio book. Immediately, I loaded the contents on to my Zune, and my daily morning and evening drive was filled with a myriad of characters, and I lapped up the various forms of expressions, let out by Kerry Shale, in absolute glee. Narration is no easy task, and I was surprised as to how beautifully a narration can be rendered that can keep the listener hooked to the story. So, I just increased my collection of audio books from the library, by adding to my list, my ever favourite Jhumpa Lahiri's books. I still haven't started listening to Interpreter of Maladies or Namesake, but I am really looking forward to a pleasant experience. I also have this weird habit of reading certain books multiple number of times.

What about the current affairs? It is the same old ruckus happening in every part of the world. What can be new with what is happening today? Security issues, terrorism, blah, blah, blah...!!! Moreover, why would anybody want to read my blog post on current issues? There are so many other websites to give the designated information to the readers. I have decided that I will not fill up my pages with boring current affairs stuff. This was a resolution I made after I wrote my last post. It is just not worth the time.

To sum up everything in a sentence, I watched a movie in the theater (at home, I watch plenty), trying to read a book, and in the middle of an audio book. Yup, yup, life just goes on!


  1. he he gud 1 praveen..

  2. Oooh...noticed that part about too loved her in happy days...she was soo cute-lookin in it!! I still haven't seen Koncham Istham although i happen to be a huge fan of siddu..should catch up!! Hw was he in the movie??

  3. Sameer,
    Thank you dawg :-)

    Siddharth was boring :-) Tamanna was ok, and the movie was not all that bad, if you don't expect anything!!!
    I would rather sit and watch Happy Days again!!!

    Tell that to guys in KC, and they will lap it up in glee!!!

  4. Just a normal life...expressed interestingly!