Saturday, August 13, 2005

Move on..

Life moves on in the same pace,
When you have nothing to face,
Once the tough times start,
It is then you must learn to move on!!

Not in every Maths exam
It is that you can score a centum,
Back your instincts and hard work,
To score well and move on!!

It is not every time,
That you take the right decisions,
Many a times, they backfire,
But stand by them and move on!!

You place your trust in all,
No time to reflect until,
One of them betrays your trust,
Now, time to find real trust and move on!!

There is a trace of over-confidence,
Without a hint of caution,
You realise it is too late,
But then, you know life has to move on!!

There is a glint of self talk,
And soon it turns to pride,
Things take the worse turn,
Learn to take the fall and move on!!

You know you can keep in check,
Whatever may be the prick,
But it soon gives way to anger,
Learn to check the tempest and move on!!

Many a new things you learn,
From mistakes committed often,
Learn to learn fast,
Before you are well beyond your past!!!

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