Monday, August 22, 2005

What's the end?

A day after tenth exam,
Prayers in your head cram,
If I can make it big here,
I can live life without fear!

The exam results are out,
Into a college hard fought,
Is life going to be easy?
But its all the more busy!!

Now you are ready,
To study to get steady,
Twelfth exam is as crucial,
To make your life special!

Engineering is a cake walk,
Seniors and the others talk,
Atlast you are relaxed,
No reason to get taxed!!

Yes! You get into a good school,
To mingle with the bright pool,
Now, you have to work hard,
Its all exams, results and the marks card!!

Theory and lab exam is no joke,
And there is every chance to choke,
You pray, pray and hope,
That you should be able to cope!!

Four years of your time,
Spent like this is a crime,
A realisation a little too late,
But then its all in the fate!

You need a job now,
But you don't know how,
Placements and resumes do the rounds,
And talks of good pay in pounds!

Time it is to earn,
Without any to learn,
But money it is that counts,
And live your life in haunts!!

In life there is many a game,
To win and rise to fame,
A ray of hope always beckons,
It is upto you to take on!!

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