Thursday, November 10, 2005

Break the shackles...

As my friend exposed me to the world of Pink Floyd, there were a couple of songs that really blew me apart - Turning away and Learning to Fly. Obviously, I was inspired to come up with my own version if not in a big way! Thanks Pravin (he shares my name but with a different spelling)!

A world that has become rhetoric,
With farce so often justified,
No real ways to come out with the truth,
Hope you don’t follow the line!

Dropping words that are only mystified,
Neither enlightening nor commendable,
Living with hidden traits and an individuality,
Losing its value over a period of time!

A non-existent peace of mind; where to find,
A sense of belonging lost; you are in a coterie,
Live to appease, but how long?
When are you coming out of the deja-vu?

A fixed pattern that is close to your heart,
It does require a lot of will to change,
You are in to herald a bright future,
A future not to be wilted, witness the sheen!

A long way to go, to face the world,
It is so easy to live the rest blurred,
You just have to break the shackles,
Live to leave an everlasting legacy!


  1. This classic is simply encouraging as it provides a good blend of the floydian psyche and not deviating from the original message as well.....full marks to praveen for presenting the psyche we have been following over generations and presenting an awe inspiring message to break the shackles and inspire life....


    " I've been mad for fucking years, absolutely years,
    been over the edge for yonks, been working me buns off for bands...

    I;vebeen mad for fucking years;pains washed away in desperate tears,

    I've been mad for fucking yrs,life ruled by forcing fears,

    I've been mad for fucking yrs,percieving life not as good of yours......

    I've always been mad, I know I've been mad,
    like the most of us...
    very hard to explain why you're mad,
    even if you're not mad... "

  2. So you also did a Pink Floyd... Hmmmm

    By the way, I always wonder where you get a picture to accompany each of your blogposts ! Either you have the patience to search for the right one or... or.. you find a good pic and then write a blog to suit that one!!!

  3. Don't wonder too much Pratap! There is always time to do things when you want to do them! See there are a lot of things why i am here...To chat, to surf, to mail, to compose blogs, to hunt for pics and finally for studies!!!:-))))

    So don't be surprised with my efforts!!!

  4. Creative writing and great comments