Thursday, November 24, 2005

Comedy unplugged!

Five days of holidays to look forward to is great, considering the kind of crammed schedule we have to put up with. We decided to spend the evening watching one of everyone's alltime favourite movies, Michael Madana Kamarajan. It was a long time since I had watched this movie and it was real fun to catch up with the old times again!! On any day, it is better to watch an old movie than risk watching a new meaningless movie and so we decided to go ahead with this entertaining Kamal classic.


  1. U bet! MMKR is a total laugh riot! Oh boy! Tirubu scenes are just too good :D
    Where did ya get the DVD from? My local Indian store-wallah does'nt have a copy :(

  2. U can watch this movie hundreds of times and discover a new joke or a pun each time...
    my latest discovery is - neengalum cook, graamamu cooka ? or something like that !! =))