Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Functions and Operators

Don't get perturbed by the title. Simple maths to understand this is more than enough. I was in a daze in Dr. Kosbar's class listening to signal space representation of signals and other stuff. And then, there was a mention of Maths. He came up with a good one!

A function is travelling in a dark alley with a lot of money. An operator comes up to the function and asks the function to give all the money. The function refuses to give the money. So the operator says that if the function doesn't give the money, it will differentiate it. The function is not perturbed. It says "Hahaha! I am e ^x(e to the power of x)". The operator is not perplexed. Guess why?

The operator says: I am d/dy!!!!

What do you say for that???


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  3. I never knew this article can give rise to so many complications!!!!

  4. why did u remove the comments?

  5. You know what Kanna had to say....First he says x and then he says epower x. I guess he thought he finally had it enough and has deleted it from the site!!!

  6. Of course, I'm sure you get a good enough share of jokes from Rosa.. There's one you missed last sem..

    Why do math guys confuse Halloween for Christmas...?

    coz Dec(imal) 25 = Oct(al)31