Friday, March 24, 2006

St. Pat's Weekend!

Last week, when India was playing with colours, Rolla was in a frenzy. It was the St. Pat's weekend and it is the biggest event here in Rolla. People look forward to this event three months in advance and the planning is done well ahead of time. I wouldn't mention about the history of the event. You can look up here! The St. Pat's parade was held on 19th March, Sunday. The Pine street was lined with people all along the way. We were there to watch the parade at 11 AM. I couldn't stick on for the entire duration of the parade, but here I am posting the snaps of what unfurled that day!

It was a good weekend in Rolla with a green atmosphere all around. By and large, we could get four days' off to break our head for the next week! As always, it is a pain to include a specific set of photos when you have around 300 photos to chose from. I wish I had a project manager to help me select what I need. After all, what are Project Managers for!! Now, now I am not getting nostalgic or am I?

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