Friday, March 03, 2006

Hyped beyond proportions

I have always maintainted that watching a movie which has a lot of hype and hoopla will always end in disaster and Rang De Basanti is no different. A movie which backtracks to the heroics of Bhagat Singh and his group ends up in histrionics translated by the present day characters. A movie while all the time talks about conveying a message is in reality a farce. The sad part is people are influenced by the movie for all the wrong reasons. The movie is interwoven with a lot of amusing moments, but when a movie conveys a message that is not good with the current system in the society, one has to take it with a lot of indigestion.

It is not an easy prospect to watch a latest Hindi movie in Rolla. We have to make plans days in advance starting from booking the tickets online, hiring a cab and looking for a guy who can drive around to the multiplex. The worst part is that you will be losing the entire day off for the movie. So, we do not go for the run of the mill movies. We wait and decide to take the plunge only based on the response. Like others, we had to toe the line to watch this GREAT movie. The expectations were soaring from each one of us.

I wouldn't be going in depths about the story of the movie as I guess it is most talked about. Every Tom, Dick and Harry takes pleasure in citing that it is a different kind of a movie. What is the director trying to convey here? If you are not happy with the system, kill the guys involved in the system to cleanse it. Is this what he is trying to project after having made comparisons to the martyrs of the Indian Freedom Movement. Truly, you must be joking Mr. Mehra! What the martyrs did was not for a personal cause. They did it for the country. A personal vendetta cannot be compared to a social cause. I totally agree that we have a lot of flaws in the system and that we can't change them overnight. Mehra could have projected the loopholes in the system and come up with more realistic ways of eliminating the weak points.

I think how a movie fares depends to a large extent on the media. It is the media that creates or destroys the movie and when the critics are penning their points, they should have an unbiased scale in rating a movie. When movies like Swades and Yuva fail to generate good reviews among the critics, then I don't see the reason for Rang De Basanti getting good reviews. All these three movies are running on parallel lines and it beats me why the other two failed to excite the critics. Ashutosh Gowariker had come up with a movie that could stir the feelings of passion and patriotism towards the country. Mani Ratnam proved a point by representing the youth as the next big forward step in Indian politics. I can't think of a similar parallel for Rang De Basanti. There was a void at the end of the movie.

On an overall note, there were some terrific moments in the movie. That particular scene where Aamir Khan realises that he has done nothing for the sake of the country is brilliant. All that that has been confined to his heart gushes out, and he painstakingly realises the flaws in the system. That to me was the unbeatable scene of the movie. It was really moving to see Aamir Khan express his anguish and the strain is easily noticeable in his acting. The rift in the community is clearly exposed and the way Mehra handles it to show to the masses that it is wrong to have communal prejudice is very well handled. Music by AR Rahman is once again delightful. His tunes grow on you on repeated hearing. Luka Chuppi is the song of the album for the music, lyrics as well as for its significane in the movie.

Overall a watchable movie and it is entirely dependent on the individual as to what he takes after the movie.

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