Thursday, June 14, 2007

River of thoughts

Ramu was lazing on the banks of the Cauvery. The local folks were worried that the surging water level may render them homeless. Ramu always thought it to be a little funny, for Cauvery seemed anything but threatening to him. He had literally stayed on the river bank for the last fifteen years. Be it studying for the exam or having fun with or without company, the river offered the kind of solace that could not be provided by any other. The rains had lashed the village in the last month or so. Warning messages soared from every source. Ramu found the whole thing to be a big ado about nothing. Nothing in the world could make him change his opinion about the river. He had even shouted at his mother when she tried to advise him to avoid the river bank. He lay there well into the evening with no inclination to head back home. The aura of this place can be matched by no other place, reflected Ramu. How can people consider this place to be dangerous, he wondered. People who were staying close to the river bank were being evacuated. The thatched huts had to be put up elsewhere. The plight of the poor dwellers moved him.

Ramu found it a perfect place to reflect about the worldly aspect of life. He sighed at the futility of money. He had his board exams coming up next week and nowadays he devoted a lot of time in studying for it. But, during these moments, he felt that high marks led to good college, which in turn led to a good job which ultimately transformed to money. Money cannot buy everything. There is a limiting point for man's desires, but sadly not many understood this important insight. The happiness he gained from lying on the river bank with the cool breeze fluttering whatever little hair he had could never be replaced by the hard currency for which he had to toil day in and day out. But, that is the futility of life. His parents were simple to do farmers who led a peaceful existence without getting into anybody else's way. They wanted him to grow up to be a big man with comfort and luxury. That was the only reason why they were sending him to a school located twenty kilometers away from the village in the town. Even if he had to buy a simple stationary item, he had to cycle all the way uphill. In spite of all the odds, he was one of the brightest pupils in class with a sharp intellect backed by hard work. He was a popular student in school well in contention to top the upcoming board exams. As his mind wandered, he knew that this was not the time to get lost in philosophy. He had the vacations after the exam to think about it. But still, he wanted to spend the night on the river bank.

The boats were lying on the bank bereft of their owners. No one dared to venture out into the open. Generally, one could see a lot of people crossing the river getting to the other side. But today the river wore a deserted look. He sometimes liked to see the river this way. The peaceful solitude gave him a feeling of bliss. As he turned his head to the other side, he saw his parents head towards his direction. His mother told him to come home quickly lest the river swell upto dangerous proportions. Ramu tried to convince them saying that there can be no harm because of the river. They had lived out their entire life depending on the water from the river. His mother told him that tough decisions were the need of the hour and it was destiny that propels them in a certain direction. Compromises had to be made when it came to life critical decisions and now was such a moment. Ramu certainly could not come to terms with his parents. He told them come what may, he wasn't going to leave the bank for the night. It was the river of dreams. He had seen it all from the bank and could not imagine the prospect of deserting the waters during such a time. In fact, he told them to stay with him for the night and see what happens. His parents tried to convince him unsuccessfully, and then finally decided to stay with Ramu.

In the middle of the night, they heard screams from the village. Ramu and his parents were surprised as the bank was normal as ever without a trace of overflowing. They set out to the village to see it engulfed in flames.


  1. Beautifully written...somehow the way ramu things reflects exactly how most of us do..dosent it?

  2. Thanks! Yeah, but I don't know how much we (atleast I) stick on to something which we think is right!!!

  3. Well you both say this since the story turned out this way...well 99.9999999802682% of the time the fire wouldnt have come and most probably the river would have drowned the family....

    Suppose the writer of the story had made the ending::::::then in the middle of the night when they were sleeping on the bank, the water suddenly increased in height and put the life of these people in danger who refused to move from the would be a foolish idea to stick onto the bank....thats how successful people fall in life....all their life they go in one way...and in time where they have to make a drastic decison, they dont and they fail....but they do have a minute chance that things work out....and then they are praised how the story in the blog was written....

  4. Mr/Ms. Anonymous: The story was never written keeping a moral in mind. It is just that I let my thoughts flow in and come up with something. But yeah, I agree with you. We should never have a unidimensional view of life. That would never help!!! But again, it depends on how much you are willing to compromise. The point is to hit the right tradeoff!!!

    So, who is Anonymous? :-)

  5. Anonymous is me. Lets just say I met you on the day you left Rolla. More clues to come later.!!