Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sivaji Rightaa.....Athiradee!

There has never been so much hype and hoopla surrounding a movie release. All the big guns of Indian cinema are involved in the latest Tamil film, Sivaji. Rajinikanth, the style icon of India got together with the showman of Tamil cinema, Shankar in sync with the best music director of today's times, AR Rahman to generate funds from the oldest production house in Madras, AVM studios to come out with a product that was going to kindle the masses. The end result was something hyped beyond what any normal movie could achieve in hundred years. The sheer magnanimity of the production costs can fill anyone with awe and wonder. The movie was made at a whopping budget of close to 80 crores, no small amount by any means.

A Rajini, Shankar, ARR and AVM movie obviously would get all the media attention. How can I miss such a movie. I am sure even if the reviews were bad, I would have gone to watch the movie. When the reviews from all the channels were good, there was no choice but to watch the movie with bated anticipation. I missed watching the movie in the first week, thanks to the ARR concert in NY. I have never seen such anticipation build up in the media channels. The movie was booked well in advance and there was no chance of getting seats even after thirty days of the release. The situtation here in Boston was no different and the movie halls were getting packed in a jiffy.

So, I got a chance to watch the movie sitting in the second row of the theater. There is no point in talking about the story of a Rajini movie as it is all the same. Riches to rags to riches forms the theme of this movie just like any other. But the main aspect one goes to watch a Rajini movie is obviously his style, which is unmatchable. The way he wields a gun or tosses a rupee coin is so unique that you just can't help noticing it. He has carefully evaded the cigar, which got him into so much trouble in Baba. This movie is totally a family entertainer with no expletives or vulgarities. The first half of the movie was filled with not so entertaining comedy. Shankar could have come up with a better situational based comedy sequence. Most of it looked like drag and drop scenes and I was just wishing for the story to go on. The second half was totally Rajini all the way. What disappointed me most was that Rajini was shown in an action oriented way. Obviously, it is good to see Rajini swirl and come up with amazing out of the world and impossible action sequences. It was fun to watch the action packed second half. But I wanted to see the Rajini who could come up with those powerhouse punchlines? It is always fun to watch Rajini play mind games with his rival, not physical duels.

The song sequences were simply mind blowing. The sets were just brilliant to say the least. Shriya is elegant in the movie. ARR's music just need not be discussed. He has given amazing background score that fits the image of the superstar. The cinematography is too good. Obviously, it has to be good, we are talking about a Shankar movie.

At the end of the day, a mass masala movie is churned out. Every Rajini fan is going to love it. There is no doubt that it is going to recover all the costs and make profits like never before. I would have really loved this movie if I had gone with a Tamil Dappangutthu crowd. But one thing is for sure, the BOSS is here to stay for a long long time. Overall, the movie is average with terrific publicity that is going to make money like hell.

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