Saturday, July 21, 2007

Partner - Mindless laugh riot

There are some movies to be watched, just leaving your gray matter behind. You should not question why some things are happening and take things on screen value. After a rather eventful day at Newport, RI, we caught up with the latest David Dhawan laugh riot, Partner, starring the old time favourite Govinda along with the current controversial macho man, the ever undressable ready Salman Khan. The duo along with the beauties Lara Dutta and Katrina Kaif just got us entangled in what can be called as a feel good movie, combining all elements of reel life to get us hooked to two and a half hours of absolutely mindless comedy.

I am sure it would make no sense for me to give a review of the movie with a structured baseline of the story. Come on guys, it is a Dhawan movie. You can't expect a strong storyline to fill the minutes. The scenes are churned faster than the speed of the light, with reel after reel of What the hell is happening on the screen. It was funny to see Govinda come back to spirits on 70mm with the same zeal and enthusiasm. He was wonderful to watch in the songs with his inimitable dance style. The dialogue delivery is still vintage Govinda style, and of course, the mannerism keep reminding you of his previous superhits churned out from the Dhawan factory. Salman Khan is either shirtless or wearing tweaky yellow T-Shirts and orange trousers. Sometimes, he tries to get overdressed to adorn it with a pink jacket. I just could not understand why such a colour combination has to be chosen to represent him. Katrina Kaif is absolutely jobless in the movie other than providing some good solace to the eyes. Lara Dutta is sleek (Ok I know she is not a car) and steals the show in the battle of the fairer sex by a comfortably big margin.

As is so common with Hindi movies, we just cannot get a product out without songs. This movie is no different with out of the blue songs making a sudden appearance in the middle of "no" story! The songs were real fun, and it was great to listen to the tracks in the hall. Ask the group for further details. It is very important to watch this movie with a good group, so that you can have fun all the way through. Come what may, it is a must watch movie. As I keep saying, don't go to the theater expecting an art movie. It is a David Dhawan-Govinda-Salman Khan movie and it is absolute fun to watch a movie without questioning the sensibilites. An out and out commercial movie with all the ingredients of a good show at the box office.

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