Monday, July 23, 2007

Some things are just Godly...

Life is such a complicated and intricately woven web of happiness and sadness, that the passage of time lets you experience both of them at mutually exclusive moments. It just does not cease to amaze me on encountering bizarre and crucial decision making instants in life, that over a period of time, I just can't help thinking about it. Life throws its challenges at every stage, and you end up battling it against all odds. It sometimes makes you wonder Did that really happen? Did I really do it? How in the world did I get out of the mess? Who helped me overcome it? These questions more or less leave you probing for those elusive answers. It is at this time, that you wonder at the beauty of creation of life and matter; the hidden answer surfaces raising its hood in all conviction, and you know that some things are just beyond our control, look upto the heavens and the sublime feeling of Godliness merges with your life. At some point, you realise that life is not just about scientific development and confined to the creatures within, but that there is a power which is vastly superior to the earthly beings. That reminds me of a wonderfuly quote from Angels and Demons, a Dan Brown novel, in reference to the creation of universe,

Have we become so scientifically advanced that we have come to accept in Mathematical impossibilities than in a power greater than us?

Many a time in my life, I was probed and tested with various questions, subjected to innumerable confused moments, when I had no idea what I was doing, but all the while following His guidance that stemmed from somewhere within. The confidence grew gradually, and led me to a point, where I do not question conventional wisdom about certain mysterious facts of life and beyond.

In life, there is many a test,
He knows what is best,
Always wondered at my plight,
But there it was; the divine light!

The creation of the universe, along with its many mysteries, leaves me dumbfounded. The irony is seen in many facets of life. But, water, to me is the most convincing element that fits the picture. There are many places in the world, where a cup of water can bring so much happiness to the people. The dryness in the place fills you with a void. But, in stark contrast, you see other parts of the world, plunged in floods. There is water all around adorning the role of a dangerous destructor. This is a perfect example of sea travel; you have water all around, but not a drop to wet your lips. What an irony! A person stranded in the Sahara would love to get hold of the magical liquid, while a person caught in the middle of the Atlantic would be getting sick of seeing water all around. Such a strange commodity that it is praised and shunned in equal adjectives.

In the middle of the desert,
How I went berserk,
Not a trace of water in sight,
He with water is so elite

In the middle of the sea,
None that I could see,
There it was; a good wave,
Which was trying to save!

The strange things in life always led me to question the scientific nuance not embedded in it. Obviously, not everything owes a scientific explanation. The quest for the difficult answers took me to a divine path, from where I could sense the all pervading being controlling every aspect of life, but providing the answers in a most subtle way, that only you can comprehend. Every day is a new day, a new lease of life, and it still fills me with awe and wonder as I absorb the many wonders along the way!


  1. "Many a time in my life, I was subjected to innumerable confused moments"

    This is redundant. Everyone that knows you, knows about this habit.
    Oh wait, may be you were confused if we knew or not :)

  2. MAK: How do you know? Oh, you know or not? :-)

  3. Know...don't know..Read the following quote
    ""There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.""
    I found this on the door of one of my professors at UMR.

  4. David: Thanks a lot, David
    Anonymous: Life sometimes cringes on the unknowns :-) and I am glad I know that I dont know many things!!!

  5. Well you know what they say ,
    "Science only goes so far and then .... and then comes god."

  6. Indeed very reflective! Coming to think of it, certain aspects of what you have said apply to my life as well. And as you rightly pointed out, I let out a big sigh (quite audible) about how I have crossed some of the biggest hurdles in my life! But then it has happened, and I do believe its the divine force that has helped me overcome everything and is what keeps me going till date! Nicely worded..:)

  7. Hey its 2 weeks since there was a blog on your profile...I hope you are doing well...get well soon ;)

  8. Vasuki: Very true, sir!!! I totally agree!

    Anupama: Thanks! The sighs never cease to stop :-)

    Anonymous: Will post one shortly! Have been busy with other things!