Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who is in the herd, Ms. Sengupta?

Hello Ms. Porcine Creature,

I am sure I have the right to address you that way after reading your column on IBNLive. Ms. Anuradha Sengupta, a prominent reporter of IBNLive, I would have expected neatly worded sentences than the crap you wrote on your insane piece of so called review. It was disappointing and totally disgusting. More importantly, it was totally unwarranted.

Do you realise that it was not due to certain individuals that the whole country was talking about the biggest movie of the year, the Rajini starrer Sivaji. Are we the ones who control the media? I remember every ounce of publicity being generated from every leading channel, and of course, even your sty (IBNLive) was a part of the campaign. Did we as the general public ask IBNLive to splash photos of Rajini all over your front page? Do you think we cared about how much money it made on the first day? Thanks to all the media hype, the movie made an impact like never before in the publicity arena.

Every individual has the right to offer an opinion on each and everything in the world. There is a way of expressing the opinion. Just because people go and watch a movie does not entitle you to call them as pigs. I do not care about what you call yourself, but since that sentence has made a reference to a person as a cinegoer, there is no way that people are going to take it easy. It is easy to have a blog and air your opinion, but there is a subtle method of doing it. I do not care that you hated the movie. A sentence like Rajini was looking awful in the movie, The movie was totally miserable conveys your viewpoint of the movie and is definitey acceptable. But, what do you mean by calling yourself as a part of the herd. Isn't the reference too ugly, when it is made by a journalist on the national media? It may be your personal blog, and you are airing your personal opinion, but channelize your hatred on the movie, not on the cinegoer. You have no right to say which movie we have to watch and which we can ignore. That is absolutely none of your business. I just can't fathom what happens to the critics when Karan Johar takes a movie. Why do you go into hiding?

Your intelligence may be definitely unquestionable given your terrific IQ to watch art movies. But there is a segment of the society that enjoys watching feel good movies which is way beyond reality. I definitely fall in that category. I am sure there is a large chunk lying in this segment. There is no way in the world you can dictate our interests.

As you said in your follow up blogpost,
  • Yes, it was definitely not a FILM REVIEW. It was cheap PERSONAL OPINION affecting the general public.
  • If you aren't against regionalism, I do not see the other reviews worded as badly as this.
  • I don't care to respond to your response on your blog's comments, as I refrained from writing any crap about your piece of crap on your blog.
  • Please stop this nonsense saying that your blog does not reflect the opinion of IBNLive. When you cover a piece of news, do you report it as personal opinion? As a senior journalist, you are responsible for anything that you write using the IBNLive template. You cannot wash off your hands for what you have written.
I would have expected a more classy review from a journalist like you. It is apalling to note that the work of crap is not generated from the movie, but from the review. I wouldn't have cared if you had blasted the movie in the way it should have been. But, when you call me a pig, and then try to walk off by saying that it is your personal opinion, I am not entitled to listen to your absurdity. Don't direct the missile against the public, direct it against the movie.

Write what you want in your personal blog, and again, you better not go about calling everyone a pig, just because they do not agree to what you say!!! For heaven's sake, I don't care a damn about your personal opinion.


  1. You certainly got my attention with that post!

    Keep smiling


  2. Thanks Dave :-)
    I was pretty much frustrated with her review!!!!

  3. Sorry, I am late. Though I had read the post but couldn't come early.

    Hmmm.. I can see so much of anger & frustration. Good, sometimes you have to vent it out else it starts affecting you. I also do that at times.

    And I agree with you here. :)

  4. Cuckoo: I wouldn't have cared much if she had blasted the movie, as everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. But it is the way she went about doing the whole thing that was unacceptable!!!

  5. I think that this "freedom of speech" thing is taken too far by some people. This culture of blogs has certainly fed a lot of fuel to that fire. It is one thing to be politically correct and another to be 'decently' correct. I wish people would think a little more before crossing lines..

  6. Pavan: When you call someone a "pig", the freedom of speech is misused like hell. If only responsible people understood what they wrote, there wouln't be so many problems. By the way, I am sure I haven't "crossed" the limits here with my "freedom of speech" :-)

  7. ofcourse I did not mean you were the one crossing lines. It is certainly not within limits of decency for somebody to call people pigs just because they did something you didn't like. I didn't like the movie either but I wouldn't call you a pig for taking me to it, would I :-D.

  8. Pavan: You dare not :-)...But atleast you had the chance to see the superstar in action!!!

  9. Krishna Chaitanya EmaniJuly 16, 2007 at 1:48 PM

    Praveen I totally agree with you... A highly educated Journalist like her is not expected to use such indecent words in her blog. And when she is using the platform of such a popular channel she has to bare in mind that millions of people will look at that every day.

    You are lot better than her man why dont you take up that job...

  10. Emani: You just made my day!!! Hahaha!!! I can see the undertones of sarcasm surfacing, but nevertheless, thanks!!!