Tuesday, May 06, 2008

6:35 AM

6:35 AM? Getting up so early? Had I been living in India, a neighbor aunt would have come running to the house to compliment my mother on having such a wonderful son. Not that it is false, but I'm just making a point!!!

This weird habit of getting up in the middle of the night (well, a wake up at 6:30 in the morning is as good as the dead of the night) got imbibed into me sometime over the weekend. The whole of last week, I struggled to get up early, and not before 8:30 did I get a chance to take a peek at the rays that were just forcing their way through the nicely covered shades of the windows. It was as if the Sun God was staring at me in exactly the same way as my mother would have, after I brought the test papers home, when I was a kid. You don't need to be a scientist to guess whether the marks had been good or not! At that time, I was cursing myself for my lethargy. But, I never realized that things can change quickly. On Saturday, I got up at 6:35 AM, felt very happy that I got up early, in spite of the fact that it was a weekend, and very happily, went back to sleep. But, if only, getting sleep was all that easy!!! Knowing it was a weekend, the sleep Gods were creating havoc. As the phrase in Tamil goes, ennada Kotta Kotta Muzhuchund irukkey (sorry, that would require some effort to get the exact translation), would have worked perfectly for me. I was peralifying (means rolling in Tamil) on my comforter (I still can't sleep on a bed, I need the comforter on the floor to give me maximum comfort) for about an hour, and then, after cursing everyone I hate, got up in a state of shock and horror (weekend, at 7:30 AM, what the hell do I do early in the morning!!). I got up, finished my morning ablutions, and then decided to place an India call. Ennada, udambu vichcha irukkiya? (Are you keeping well?), was the response on the phone from who else, but my mother! It was as though someone was rubbing salt to the wounds! Oh, Nannarken (Am great!), just wanted to get up early! You see, it is not good to sleep late. I cannot give away anything, at least, this was one of the few chances to get some mileage! Very rare! As usual, as is my want, I spoke about every trash in the world, and somehow, the day went quickly.

Sunday it was!!! Believe it or not, the 6:35 AM bug hit me again. Andava, En ippadi Sodhikkarey (God, why are you testing me like this!). Andava is my favorite gasp when confronted with a not-so-likable situation. I went back to sleep again, at least I tried, and then got up after a few hours (well, that's what I thought!). It was still 6:35. I repeated the process (at least five times), and my mobile was still showing 6:35. Now, I did not feel like getting back to sleep. I waited for close to twenty seconds. Does my mobile have a problem or worse, do I have a problem? What the hell is happening? It was a true test of my character, as I waited for those twenty seconds which seemed like twenty hours; then the mobile ticked past to 6:36 AM, and I closed my eyes, and a feeling of liberation took over me (anybody reading this sentence alone would think I had climbed Mt. Everest, but the blunt truth is that I knew I was still sane). I hug on to my rug, and tried to close my eyes, but again, it evaded me. I tried to be harsh on Him, but I didn't want to take a chance. It was too scary to play with the Gods. The best thing to do in such situations is to curse your fate. That's exactly what I did, and on Sunday morning, at 7:30 AM, I was sitting on the couch, as if I was the most unluckiest guy in the world. All this drama for getting up early!

In order to make up for the lost sleep, I had set my alarm clock perfectly at 8 in the morning on Monday and Tuesday. But, strangely enough, I got up again, at 6:35 AM (yes, Oh my God, the same 6:35 AM, the killer time that has been troubling me whole week!!). I could feel the beads of perspiration on my forehead. This certainly was the time to be reflective. Oh God, please forgive me for all the sins that I have committed. Please give me some sleep! I hope there is nothing wrong with me. Had anybody seen the earnestness in my prayers, he would have thought that I had lost a million dollars in shares (what with the Wall street plummeting by the day). But, the situation, according to me, was more grave! I am sure I have incurred the wrath of the sleep Gods. Nidra Devi, sure, is offended!

So, let me go catch some precious sleep, most of which have been lost over a considerable period of time. As I set the alarm at 8 AM, I am more than convinced, that the robotic body clock will wake me up to pangs of anxiety and incomprehensible thoughts. So, wish me good night!


  1. That was funny :)) Its 6:15 for me :P

  2. Believe it or not, the same bug seems to have bitten me. I am a person who can easily sleep upto 10 a.m. on weekends. I was up at 7!!!! And on weekdays I am used get up only at 7:30 when my alarm would go ff..but now its 6:15 and i am up. God alone knows what's goign on

  3. I guess the get-up-early bug which haunted me for an entire year decided to infest someone else and liberate me for a change! :) Isn't it horrible when you get no sleep? It used to happen to me in sixth, I still remember...I could simply not sleep until twelve at night. I remember crying for it all. This post remindes me of all that! Well, sincerely hope you get a good-night's rest! Good-night!

  4. Look up 'Circadian rhythm' on wiki sometime. Its a bit scientific but then again thats what wiki is for otherwise people would just refer to blogs...:)

  5. You guys will die laughing if I tell you this. I got up and I was dead sure that it was 6:35 AM; With a great amount of over-confidence, I checked the mobile, and it was 12:45 AM :-) What do you say about that? Again, that doesn't mean that I did not get up at 6:35 AM!!!

    Suchitra, you get up because you have to get up at 6:15. That is different from getting up when there is no need to!!! Matter purunjadha? :-)

    Shubhika, Boston has caught a bug, I suppose!!! The early morning bug it is!!!

    Lakshmi, I know exactly what you mean!! Sometimes, sleep just evades you and you don't know what to do. You don't want to get up, but at the same time, you don't get sleep. That is the worst nightmare. I have been involved in all such nightmares all my life :-)

    Abhishek, How in the world do you come up with these wonderful technical terms? What can I say about you, tell me!!!!

  6. This used to happen to me when I had just begun working after my engineering. Mostly because, I was so not used to waking up early and running to a 9 - 5 job. I was absolutely carefree and never found the need to wake up. That's a wonderful phase of life. Just enjoy this. After marriage, you will be up and running early however hard you try to wake up late. :)

  7. hmmm if 6.30am makes an Indian mommy proud, what would another Indian mommy feel when her son gets up at 4.45am?

    yes, I am in office at 7am on all weekdays.

  8. Ramya, yeah, I know how carefree we can get in student life. Ooooh!!! Marriage is scary :-))))

    Karthik, Whoa, that is cool man! Indian mommy will sure be soaked in a sea of happiness, I am sure :-)

  9. You lazy bones, get up now !! :P

    Well, to me always it was and is early mornings (with 1 or 2 hrs difference).... school, college, work in India and abroad.. and again now. Even on weekends after being awake till 2/3 AM I can't sleep beyond 7.

    Till sometime back I had morning classes and now it's habit. I normally get up by 5:45.
    Good to see sunrise and a few ppl on morning walks. :)

  10. Cuckoo, that's awesome!!! I got to learn from the early risers :-) Hopefully, this should be a blessing in disguise, if I can make it a habit :-)